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As we completed our review of Q1 of this year and worked on alignment with our vision, the cracks were identified; innovation was celebrated. Here are 7 reasons to rejoice in the inner journey because the cure is within you.…


THE FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM  We evolved from certification to fellowship program. It has become more intimate yet structured and a dedicated program. You start as an intern and graduate as a trainee and then move on to becoming a part of the core…


Years of hopelessness is the space they all began from. We stepped up the game with "customised" handholding and support. The idea was to support them to reach a level where they were stable enough to see through their own…


Betrayal - just reading this word stirs a multitude of emotions. Read here, an excerpt from Naveen Varshneya’s Vartalaap with the current Chetna batch, to go work through your burden of the experience of betrayal.   Betrayal The breach of…


The NV Life Treatment Program commenced on 5th February 2021. What once was the cornerstone of NV Life is now back in a digital format.  Week 1 - The Diagnosis  The first week was dedicated to studying each case in…


Aarambh  “A brand-new year, a new decade, a new beginning of Hope-Healing-Harmony"   A 2-Minute Read  1. ALERT:   Chetna 7.0 and Vedna 6.0 began on 7th January 2021  To access your courseware log into – https://www.curedemy.com/groups/chetna-7-0/  https://www.curedemy.com/groups/vedna-6-0/  2. UPDATES  What…


Sunday, September 2, 2018   It began with the week-long treatment week program in Bangalore. I walked in with a problem statement which some might say is a ‘norm’ in today’s generation. To me, that ‘norm’ was a horror: I got…


Festival Blog Series: Deepavali (Light over ignorance)  As winter sets in, by making its presence felt by spreading a blanket of chill. All over the world, it is the commencement of  the festive season. An environment of joy, hope and mirth.  South…


Dr Alex Hankey gained a scholarship to Trinity College, Cambridge, where he gained a Triple First in Natural Sciences. In 1973 he gained a PhD in theoretical physics from MIT , specializing in particle physics and critical phenomena. After a year at Stanford…


the cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

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