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You emerge, from Chetna, with a deeper Chetna of yourself and learning and experience which has prepared you to practice, receive insights from within yourself, gain stability and begin the reversal of your state of suffering. Your gains from Chetna 
  • Learn to diagnose any issues (basic level) 
  • Learn the algorithm to decode the root cause 
  • Prevent influence of dark on you and your family’s healthand wellbeing
  • Learn to cure your issues by yourself it remains life long and keeps getting better practice) 
  • Demystify wisdom hidden behind various events of your life 

A 1 month-long treatment course, based on the book Meditation-The Cure. It consists of –

  • 1-week retreat and
  • 3 weeks of remote coaching & support to help you implement learnings from the book, which is further deepened during the retreat. It is divided into the following phases
  • Induction week: Preparing you for the retreat, through one on one and group coaching so that your gains are optimal during the retreat.
  • Retreat week: Where you learn the science, realize the root cause of your sufferings, practice the techniques, under the tutelage of the founder and faculty, to deepen and create an application-oriented understanding of the subject.
  • Pause week: The week after return from the retreat, to create time and space to imbibe the schedule of practice, with the insights gained at the retreat. This week helps you work through the difficulties, taking the practice in your daily routine.
  • Integration week: Your coach will work with you to help you consolidate and integrate your learnings and also clear the doubts.

Post integration, you continue to receive support on the online support group, wherever you face any issues in life.

Svaha is a retreat, exclusive to the flagship certification program. This is most cathartic and is meant only for the brave-heart, who have gone through rigorous training and have been continuously working on breaking their belief. This workshop is meant to go deep, where exists love and compassion in all of us. Being the most intense program, it is offered only after the individuals have undergone several interventions, demonstrating transformation within and a significant influence in their ecosystem. 

“Life shall be such that money and health shall work for our purpose rather than it becoming our purpose” – Naveen Varshneya 

You can experience the cure at your home with our home support program. It is as simple as ordering the book and signing up for the program, and within 72 hours we kick start the support program with complete analysis done about your case, A coach is assigned to you who take you/your caregiver on a call and start helping you experience the cure. It is the simplest way to start living an effortless and abundant life. Another factor that distinguishes the approach, is the fact that the author Naveen Varshneya, mentors the coaches closely, on each case- thus bringing the wisdom of his decades of research to each participant/student. 

You are no more helpless with your aging parents; nothing can be a better gift to them. Or to your pregnant wife who can cleanse so much that she can block the negative sanskar and patterns of the family from getting transferred into the child. 

This program is for anyone who has a de-stabilized status. It is designed for people who have a family member in suffering and for whom it may not be easy to adopt a new approach such as ours. For egaging parents may not want to attend a workshop with us. And at the same time, they may not mind engaging in simple processes, brought to them in the precincts of their home, which bring relief and rejuvenation within hours and days of the program. The same would be plausible for a family member suffering from a mental disorder, such as bi-polar or OCD.  Cases such as deep stress in relationship, career issues, mild to severe depression, chronic sleeplessness or anger disorder can be worked upon under this program, with great ease. 

The program is built to create a sustainable lifestyle, with the practice of the processes and techniques, for the individual to go inwards and unravel his/ her own patterns and limiting beliefs.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Owner of book Meditation The Cure
  • Disease/Disorder/Distress: Needs immediate attention
  • Format:  3 weeks program with weekends as pause for assimilation. 

To know more about home support program, please click here to download the brochure.