Why Movies & Meaning?


As a country, we love talking. Our favourite conversations are about the Sarkar, Criket and Sanima- films. Sometimes books too. The good thing about conversations on films is that it is a space that allows us to become very intimate and non-controversial. And it binds us with each other, and yet it helps us both define and refine us internally.

These movies constitute life and stories. Stories, that make us. Lives, that we lead. And in the movies a voice and vision- which express of us as we are. Hence storytelling is an Art we love. Because it is the only art form where we find ourselves, build, and recreate ourselves. We grow up listening to our grandparents’ reading fables, and then we go on to watch these fables come alive on our screen.

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When an actor watches a film, his view is not the same as our view is as audiences. He looks at how that scene was created while we see what this scene is delivering or trying to say to us. At Curedemy, we face one big problem. When we watch a film, we cannot help but go deep into the character and story. And, more often than not, we land up doing a deep diagnosis of the life of the characters and story itself. That’s when we came up with the idea- ‘how about sharing our deep diagnosis with you?’ And we got excited when we discovered this is the best way, we can explain our deep research- about how it impacts health and wellbeing and drives our choices.

So we did a Deep Diagnosis on Dev Bhumi- (read here:  Dev Bhoomi) and we went deep into the subject of love and, what love does and how to love.

Then we did an analysis on the trailer of Brahmastra. (Read here: 7 reasons why we brahmastra trailer doesn’t work for me). Our view and take on the trailer were taken more as standing for our ancient heritage and help awaken people if this is being misused.
You can join us too. Let us converse on our Diagnosis. And we are sure you would have a point of view too. Let us talk about films to turn in and make better sense out of our life. You are welcome to and can also suggest any film you would want us to diagnose.


Meditation – the cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

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