Why Meditation is the Cure

The greatest or smallest of the mysteries, revealed to mankind by mystics, scientists or artists, are based on insights, which are nurtured by fertile, conscious mind, by observing nature with curiosity. Be it the wisdom of vedas and other scriptures or the theory of relativity or an insight on observing the apple falling from the tree- insights come from the subconscious, with access to the wisdom and decoding of the algorithm. This requires a process 
  • Connection to mystery (akin to broadband connection) 
  • Ability to listen to insights 
  • Empty mind which can nurture the insights and find an algorithm 
  • Find a purpose in decoding it to give to humanity 
Insights come in the state of meditation or in a meditative mind. Meditation is the tool, used by mystics, artists and scientists, since time immemorial, to connect with the mystery and tune into insights; in turn expressing their spirit and contributing to mankind.  Now, humanity, which reveled in holistic living in the past, has been flowing into an overt indulgence in mental and rational faculties. Such has been the growing imbalance, that the basic premise of spirituality, which was to search for a deeper meaning of life and its purpose; now stands reduced to a desperate search for health and well-being solutions. In this desperate and hopeless search, various forms of meditation, techniques and processes have been invented for the common man; not really bringing much hope, thus devaluing the essence and potent impact of meditation. On another dimension, since time immemorial, it has been the same human body, which has been functioning just fine, through billions of years for countless human lives. So, then where are we going wrong in trying to restore it’s well- being, now?   The human mind, today, more than ever before, has been steeped in do-ing. And, in this process, it has become increasingly wired, with little space or scope for connecting with the insights from within. For such a mind, to be able to meditate and draw from his/ her own inner wisdom, it is important that the practice and understanding of Yog evolves, as well. When the Mystic is no more a dweller of the isolated mountains and the Survivor is the one who seeks solace from the damages of his evolved life, then Meditation too needs to be coming to them all in its most authentic avatar; a form, which carries the ancient wisdom in its core and marries it to science, for the rational thinker that Man is today.  NV Life has attempted to devise scientific mechanism to salvage humanity from the epidemic of suffering. It works on the premise that the root cause of suffering is within us and if we turn inward, we will discover the cure.   So, be it a lay individual, a sharp corporate mind or the curious case of the student in a university, it is the science of breathing which aligns them all to their spirit and its purpose; while offering a harmonious and peaceful bedrock for life ahead. 


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