Why do we create belief?

Here is an excerpt from the wisdom shared by Sir with a book reader.

Reader : Why is belief a function of one, not being able to accept life?

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When a significant event occurs, such as the death of a parent, amongst the many choices there are, we have the choice to accept it as nature. If we do that, our spirit will open up to the void and the vulnerability of being alone (no matter how old we are or how many people love us, the nature of loss of a parent is such that it leaves a void).



We will experience deep pain and this will lead us to be curious about life, nature and death.

Herein, begins the search for meaning and purpose in life. If we do that, we move towards becoming a mystic, accepting and flowing with life. But we do not do that. We call it fate, destiny, tragedy and suppress our pain. We say,“let us move on,  let bygones be bygones. This event was meant to happen. I am not as fortunate as my friends whose parents are alive”. This is how we make many belief to avoid accepting life.

Belief creates our reality.

If we suppress our  pain, we will continue to manifest events, which get us in touch with our pain. This is why we suffer- in an attempt to avoid feeling pain, and accepting the nature of life as it flows.