Why are you not curious about your own life?

Students’ Experience – Day 1 of Svaha

On the 1st day of Svaha, the 7 days physical retreat unfolded at Chikmagalur with a Havan at 6 am in morning, various emotions like excitement, nervousness, uncertainty; anticipated with the program amongst the participants began settling down. The purpose of the Havan was to align ourselves to nature and creation.

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8:30 am onwards:

  1. There was a group Yog Nidra (meditation) session which was followed by Sir’s lecture and then a group discussion.
  2. As we opened up about our doubts in the concepts of Chetna, Vedna & Manthan, it surprised us to know that the diagnosis for our faltering in our practices is our lack of curiosity versus ambition and control. Lack of Curiosity – about our own lives, the root cause of our suffering; this revelation set the tone for the day.
  3. Inadequacy, Unworthiness, Rejected Femininity and Self Judgement surfaced for most participants as they worked on their hopelessness.
  4. The session ended in the afternoon with another round of meditation with our question on our Inadequacy.
    After giving everyone some space for reflection, the evening session started at 5 pm with NV Fishing. What came out was fascinating as some oscillated between their mental body and emotional body, while few others were vulnerable enough to be in touch with their spirit’s expression (their desire).

As everyone retired for the night, the question still lingered – “How to stay in the space of curiosity?” and hence be curious for the next day.