Who is a bigger Yogi? And why?


Note: I wrote this blog in the year 2014 when Modi ji visited the USA during Navratri while fasting for 9 days. Before that Anna Hazare, and Baba Ramdev went on a hunger strike in 2011. 

Pran Pratistha is a process to invoke power in a stone to convert stone into God. By doing that when we pray to that deity, we feel the effect of power on us. This means a mystic who does this process, must be able to channelise his own life force energy and potentially amplify to infinity. Rituals such as chants are just to create the environment for such a giant energy amplification process.  

Recently Modi Ji did Pran Pratistha and there were some discussions around it. This encouraged me to rewrite this blog. My attempt is to demystify the inner process of a mystic who brings life to a stone. Is being a scholar of Ved, Shastra and ancient wisdom enough? Is being a sanyasi enough? Or there is more to it?  

This blog has evolved because now my research has led me to give you a much deeper and simpler view. You shall be able to decide who is a Yogi. And most importantly, how to invoke a Yogi in you. 

Background of this blog from 2014. Let me refresh our memory.  

  1. Anna Hazare fasted for 12 days and was in Medanta Hospital for a few days to recover. Even during the fast, doctors were round the clock maintaining his health. He just lay down in tents and had the huge support of the public to keep his vision alive.
  2. Baba Ramdev, a Yogi since birth, collapsed on the 4th day. He was hospitalized. Sri Ravi Shankar had to be called to save his face in public and his life by breaking his fast. He also sat in tents and did nothing else.
  3. Modi Ji was visiting the USA during his regular Navratri visit. He interacted with strangers, addressed large gatherings, did transactions while being on a liquid diet and strictly following his ritual every evening with Sandhya Vandan. How Sandhya Vandan transforms you is covered in our upcoming web series on sleep.

Fasting as a ritual for survivors emerged from the wisdom, our mystics gained when they meditated in the Himalayas. They discovered how dependency on food can be reduced or eliminated by doing sadhana. They realized how liberation from food leads to demystifying secrets of nature and expands the consciousness, when fear of survival diminishes Fasting is not a casual ritual. It is purely a function of lifestyle. For the duration of fasting strict discipline is required to be followed to manifest the purpose of fasting. Lifestyle shall be such that all energies are being utilised in channelising to purify the intent and amplify the purpose. In the process, you release your Tamas, and your consciousness expands. 

Sanatan is an experience, it is the path of self-realisation. Vastness of the universe and our own journey through lifetimes can only be experienced by us. Your truth is the unique journey of your soul, and it can only be experienced by you. Therefore, you could be guided by an able Guru for your unique path, but you need to walk the path and experience your own truth. Therefore, rather than teaching the wisdom our mystics gained in sadhana, they gave us various tools such as the process of fasting for us to practice and discover our own truth in our own way.   

Food is about surviving but it has much deeper layers of matrix. Matrix of our very existence. It was harnessed by our women to create food as medicine, as a tool of communication and as a way to pass on blessings and love. Using the wisdom of Ayur-Ved, our women were wise to invoke a specific frequency in their men, children and elders to heal an emotion by tweaking the cooking process, spices and ingredients and by purifying the intent to serve.  

You can experience it yourself. When hungry, sit quietly. Delay food by 7 minutes or so. Observe your breath while feeling hunger. You will experience matrix unfolding. In all my sessions, the most common experience participants reported was crying. This simple process took them to their childhood, and they discovered the deep love of their mother which they had not recognised in their growing up years. Years of lack dissolved in 7 minutes.  Others lost some appetite, change in taste or discovered wisdom from their past. Allow this simple technique to be part of your lifestyle and see the difference in your well-being and mental health within days. 

Fasting reminds you of hunger and through hunger, it reminds you of your intent and purpose. Your attention turns inward even if you are not meditating.  Each time you feel hungry through the day, you become aware of your purpose of fasting and this brings patience in you. This allows you to endure hunger and build endurance. Endurance creates a space, and this space begins to nurture your intent. The intent begins to get purified, and the purpose begins to get amplified. It invokes curiosity for tomorrow and develops faith. Fear of the unknown begins to diminish. This liberates your breath from other thoughts and emotions and brings your breath rate down. Now all your energies are being channelised for the cause. You cut off from external engagement and conserve your energy for your purpose. The wish is manifested when intent and desire become one. Yes, this is the law of manifestation. 

The slower breath rate reduces the need for food and conserves our energy. This is how it is a function of lifestyle where energy needs to be conserved by minimising interactions and avoiding high-load physical or mental work. If you break this inner process, your space is punctured. nurturing is eroded and it depletes the patience and breath rate goes higher. Now you need more energy & more food and rather than faith in tomorrow, you wait to break your fast.   

Reverse is the process, mystics followed. They are already cut off from the external world and have created space for their intent. They have faith and are curious to discover wisdom. They sit in meditation and observe the breath. This begins to liberate the breath from the events of various emotions and thoughts of the past and purify intent and amplify purpose. This slows down the breath rate and reduces the need for food.  

At 8 b/m, they attain the state of Yog Nidra. This is the state of cure where every disease reverses (from the book Meditation – The Cure). The State of Yog Nidra (you call it meditation) is the gateway to the state of samadhi. As you begin to go below 15b/m, dependency on food begins to decrease but to live for several days without food breath rate needs to go down up to 2b/m. 

To be able to fast, cutting off from the world to conserve the energies is a natural outcome of this process. You can experience it yourself. Spend a day at home interacting with people without looking into the eyes of people. Avoid touch. No handshake. Start conversations with namaste. Namaste creates a circuit to circulate your energy within and does not let your energy connect with the energy of the person you are interacting with. Handshake starts the exchange of energy. Likewise, touching the feet of elders is about dissolving your ego and grounding the energies of elders to receive their wisdom, blessing and love. Rituals like eating food made by only specific people, Namaste, touching feet, and eating only in your utensils were all about conserving your energy and isolating others to enter into your energy field which our ancestors practised. In some era, its interpretation got distorted and gave birth to untouchability.  

The principle of energy is described by the science of chakra system. The human body has 7 major chakras which at mass level are represented by the endocrine gland system. Energy to mass conversion needs light or dark (E=MC).  Each chakra has its own frequency, colour, quantum level, and emotion. Let us get the feel of this science. 

Heart chakra is for love. Manipura is for identity or autonomy. Swadhishtan is for desire. When heart is full of love, Manipura dissolves (ego) and energy travels down to Swadishtan– the source of desire. Love gets filled with desire. Next moment you are hurt. In the absence of ego, you begin to feel unstable and fearful. Existence feels threatened. It seeks identity. Desire filled with love transmutes into desire to survive. Energy travels down to root to give stability and up to Manipura to create identity. Love and ego cannot live together. When ego rises, it consumes more energy and reduces flow in heart chakra. Love is now converted into hate. (from the book Meditation – The Cure). 

Let us come back to light. The first five chakras belong to the body and the Agneya chakra gives access to subconscious of various lifetimes. Our source of Light or absence of it is through Agneya chakra, the pineal gland. The famous third eye or intuition centre. It is through Agneya we access our subconscious and gain insights. This cultivates 3 faculties- perception, logic and feeling. When 3 of the faculties are in harmony, your decisions are in an instant. Quality of leadership. The third eye is a toggle switch with our 2 eyes. When we close our eyes and observe breath, Agneya gets active. When we open our eyes, our connection with Agneya closes. Agneya closing means it is now regulating insights as you connect with the material world to carry out your duties. This is the process for meditators. Clearing subconscious by gaining insight and using insights to lead a guided life.   

With deep sadhana, it is possible to have all three eyes open. Though we all have read the story of 3rd eye of SHIVA, but what it means is the ability to access wisdom and power of several lifetimes, dissolve Karm which may come in the way of purpose and align all forces for the purpose. It is an absolute state of detachment where no Vikar can become an obstacle in your way.  

To be able to live without food for days means you are being fed by light directly. To be able to perform duties and interact unlike a Yogi in Himalaya, means attaining powers that a Yogi in Himalaya attains. For PM, even his security staff is a drain on his energy in this state. Security reminds him how important his life is while with total detachment and in sadhana, he is liberated from any form of attachment to the body.  

Power is Siddhi. It comes at 4 b/m or below. At such a low breath rate, your intent and desire get fused and become part of your breath. For example, he could have siddhi of “Sankalp Shakti“. This means when he takes a Sankalp, all forces begin to align. Forces mean the manifestation of “Prarabdh” and alignment with powers of the guru. His breath rate gets regulated on its own, intent begins to purify, his body complies. He could be interacting, but all his forces are going in the direction of his purpose.  

No matter how big a Yogi is, being in the form, the human body has its own rules and limitations. Our body made of 3 GUN has its own role to play. Tamas can always get active and become an obstruction. So how does one handle the devil within? 

The answer to it lies in Sandhya Vandan. This is the time when 3 GUN are in a molten state. Sandhya Vandan is to amplify Sattva and reduce Tamas. Prahar of Sayankal is when this process of Saanjh starts.  

The secrets of Modiji, and everyone lies in what we do starting with Saanjh. It is normal for each one of us to arrive at 8b/m during sleep and that is how we remain healthy. In case of Modi ji or a Yogi, breath rate in sleep must be going down to 2b/m or so to power up the Sankalp.   

This is where Anna Hazare and Yogi Ramdev failed. They went on a fast to protest. Protest is the frequency of powerlessness. Powerlessness is experienced when we are hopeless. Hopelessness is the state of death. It triggers fear of survival. To survive, Ego must kick in and act. Hence protest. The protest was a culmination of hopelessness of masses. Each day fasting meant growing hopelessness and at some point, it transmuted as rage in public. In this state, whatever sattvic practices and powers these Yogis had, got contaminated and body collapsed. In contrast, when Modi ji did 11 days of Anushthan, it only triggered devotion in the heart of masses. This is the only difference. Fasting to survive or fasting to surrender. This differentiates a Yogi from a Bhogi. 

You can now begin to invoke the Yogi in you. Each day, 3 times a day, 7 minutes with your breath and hunger. 


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