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Meditation is YogYog is Union. You may ask- union of what? 

In response to this question, there are many traditional replies; some being- 

  • Union of the soul with God
  • Union of Yin with Yang 
  • Union of Guru with Shishya 
  • Union of the Spirit-Body-Mind 

Are all of these answers right? And if so, then how do I, as an ordinary individual, know that I have attained that state? How would my life change if I were able to attain and experience it? 

Before seeking a reply to these questions, would you not like to ask what is it that separates us, in the first place; that we need to meditate to attain union? 


Here’s sharing a preamble to the journey of the soul, which shall help you understand and bring in perspective the science of meditation that we practice. 

We exist in the spirit form before taking birth. Through the 9 months process, we acquire a form- the human form. As we grow, our mind develops towards survival. Everything known to us in the name of wisdom and purpose begins to get buried in the subconscious. The mind continues to create further degrees of separation and with time this gap widens. Now, being torn apart between our spirit and mind, we attract suffering in the form of distress, disorder and disease. 

Therefore, YOG, i.e. Meditation, is the union with our true spirit. It is the union of the subconscious and the conscious.  When attained, it creates a trance like state. It is known as Yog Nidra (conscious sleep- a state in which conscious mind fuses with subconscious).  

Now you would understand that since it is a state of immense bliss, some people like to call it the union of the soul with the spirit / the union of yin with yang and that of guru with shishya. 

” If you are meditating and it is not reversing your suffering, then you are not meditating”.

According to the principles of quantum physics, when we begin to vibrate higher, the lower frequencies in us die down. Any form of suffering, be it cancer, depression, or relationship distress or any other issue- is a lower vibratory frequency. When we attain bliss, which is a high frequency statethe lower frequency automatically begins to die down or fade away- thus making us free of any suffering. 

The state of Yog Nidrawhich is the fusion of the subconscious and the conscious, cannot be attained without the conscious mind arriving at the state of zero thoughts. And it is in this state that our entire system (the spirit-body-mind) begins to restore itself to the original form. 

This is the reason that any form of meditation, which advises you to focus on something or visualize is not meditation; as that thought itself would not allow the mind to arrive at zero-thought.

As also described in the book, a simple stepbystep technique, called NV Swimming, is to be followed to arrive at state of Yog NidraThis technique is complete in itself to begin to stabilise and restore health and well-being in any individual. 

Since the year 2010, thousands of people have been curing themselves by reading the book and implementing the techniqueMany have gone deep with the aid of our programs and interventions and reach the root cause of their suffering, in order to eradicate the same.  

It is now time for us to enable individuals, through this community learning initiative, to start learning the technique and imbibing the same into their lifestyle, in order to restore and enhance their health. 

Elucidated below are the tenets of the science of cure, which are integrated into the technique of meditation: 

Breathing is inversely proportional to thoughts. If you observe your breath, thoughts begin to diminish. 

The mind has no mind and its purpose is to regulate, control, manifest or suppress emotions. So, when thoughts begin to diminish, they release the emotions that they were holding. These emotions begin to surface. 

The nature of emotions is such that if you live them fully, they leave your body and bring you back to your last normal quantum state. Continue to observe the breath and witness the emotions and they will leave you.

Emotions are held within, based on belief. Every time, we arrive at Yognidra, and as the subconscious begins to write wisdom in the consciousness, belief break. Belief are the physics which changes the chemistry.

As thoughts turn zero, all emotions clear up. Thus, the state of an empty mind is arrived at. 

Empty mind becomes pure consciousness and merges with the subconscious and this state is called state of Yog Nidra (Meditation). 

How to Participate 

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Watch the introductory curriculum “Whispering Wisdom” lecture videos 

Join in our weekend community meditation on the virtual platform (you shall receive the link to join the session through email) 

Share your experiences and seek guidance on the forum, within Whispering Wisdom, where in the coaches and our founder shall guide you 


Who shall attend? 

Anybody who is suffering from chronic or lifestyle issues and the curious soul 


About the book: 

The book, Meditation- The Cure, authored by our founder, Naveen Varshneya, is the all-encompassing gift to humanity. Written with the vision to take the cure to every household, the book brings to all, the ancient wisdom of the art of meditation- decoded into the language, understanding and need of contemporary times.  

As you read the book, you would find yourself propelled inwards, while imbibing it’s wisdom and implementing the simple processes and techniques of the cure in your life. 

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"Health and well-being is an internal matter, to be attained by the self. His vision is that every household shall learn to turn inward to find their optimal potential and be self-reliant. "

Naveen Varshneya