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Why Movies & Meaning?

  As a country, we love talking. Our favourite conversations are about the Sarkar, Criket and Sanima- films. Sometimes books too. The good thing about

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Power of CVM

1. Ever since Chetna – all that was packed and stowed away is coming up like a shit storm. I am trying to commit myself

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Power of 3 – plus version

  CHETNA – VEDNA – MANTHAN   POWERFUL ||  IMPACTFUL ||  IMPLEMENTATION BASED    In an interaction at a corporate this week, we discovered that the

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Ae Ajnabi

  The most beautiful thing about a train journey is meeting strangers and sharing life stories. This sharing usually culminates in a friendship, unlike air

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We have a new office! 

  This is the law of manifestation. You work on a project. It requires you to take twenty steps before you can manifest reality. The

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Case study Sudha Goswami   

Case 7   Age 68, Female   Lung Cancer, development of malignant pleural effusion. The disease has a very poor prognosis with a median survival of 4 months and mean survival of fewer than 4

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Deep & Far Clinic

Here’s bringing to you the Deep and Far Clinic– a support intervention that was sought by you, for the gap you have felt hitherto: You are

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The Birth of Hope

Synchronicity or miracles- they exist, and yet we fail to recognise them because they are beyond the vibratory field of our belief. And then one

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Shubh Dassehra

    Festival Tracing the etymology of the word festival is the Latin Festa,  meaning a religious holiday. The older Latin words associated with festival are

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I Desire….

Desire flows in our body 24/7. It is a sign from the universe that- We are alive!  However, we remain imprisoned by our conditioning that desire is

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Can the Cure reverse?

Here’s sharing with you, the insights from the Vartalaap -session for Swastim that Naveen Sir gave a student who has made a tremendous recovery in her Cancer, with the

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Love Conquers All

Here’s the second of our series of, the insights from the Vartalaap -session for Swastim students with Naveen Sir. Be with breath as you read it, let it take

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Can we give more?

Here’s sharing with you, the insights from the Vartalaap session for Swastim students with Naveen Sir. Read it, for it may tug at the strings to go within – yet

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Is desperation your driver?

  Do you grab the first offer?  At the first hint of love, acceptance and recognition do you drop everything and seize the opportunity, for

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Turn In for Abundance

Everyone is asking for oxygen cylinders outside.  There is a factory of oxygen inside each one of us. After a year’s lockdown, the air is

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