What you can expect from Kids’ Courseware

What you can expect from Kids’ Courseware

Founder’s Insights • 18 April 2022, 9:00 AM

Objective of the program is to create excellence in children, to perform in their chosen field. However, program works at dissolving suppressed emotions and becoming one consciousness. Expanded spirit enables wisdom. Its benefits are visible in all spheres of life.

Increased ability to remain focused in the classroom

Reduce probability of being tempted by distractions

Increased ability to retain learning

Effortlessly create curiosity in boring subjects

Reduce dependence on tuition and extra classes

Infuse vision and positivity in the child

A path to discover inner wisdom and expand the spirit

I. Mental Health:

This program works on the science of mental health. It works on the principle of dissolving layers of subconscious and becoming one consciousness. This is the main attribute of a child prodigy. In addition, it prevents you from possible deterioration in your mental health as you grow up and equips you with tools to cure yourself before any such situation arises. For example, anxiety when you face a job interview in a few years from now or a breakup or failure. You will know much before how to reverse anxiety and mitigate the risk.

II. Relationships:

We attract in others, what is suppressed in us. They are just our mirror. If your subconscious is dissolved, then you do not attract negativity from friends, family and strangers. For example, your probability to attract being mugged on a dark street is now reduced.

Wisdom and Vision:

When all these three faculties work in harmony, it becomes wisdom. Each one of us have all three faculties but they either go unnoticed or remain suppressed and are certainly not in harmony with each other.
You will often act or react based on your feelings. Once emotions are released, logical mind comes up on its own and makes you regret. Then later on when you reflect, you discover that you had a hunch (we call it insight) And had you nurtured that insight; you could have completely avoided the damage. This is what you need in an examination hall too. You need your hunch to make decision on what questions to attempt first or the optimal way to attempt any question. You need your feelings to empower you, so that anxiety does not come in, and you need your logical mind to access the learning and execute at speed.

Empower your child to expand his/her vision.



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