What this program is not

& factors that affect your ability to learn

We teach nothing.

Coach nothing.

We do not have any counselling sessions.

No deadlines

No extra class

No increase in homework

No subject matter expert consulting

No change in habits

No convincing

Only 18 minutes of being with self in a simple and easy manner.

Only 18 minutes early to bed.



Performance is not about how good you are, but how you perform within a given time slot and environment.

The role of a mother is to provide unconditional acceptance called love and the role of a father is to provide unconditional protection.

This is an intricate science. It is based on the principle of the energy body. The energy body is represented by seven chakras. 





Are you a sceptic about science and spirituality? This is your starting point.

Several hours of content in the form of blogs, videos, testimonials and lecture videos are available on topics which relate to your own experiences and decodes your life choices. This will help you discover layers of your ego and decode the hidden wisdom in you. 

Stay updated with our research