What makes the NV Life techniques so powerful and effective?

“In every healing modality like Reiki, PLR and many others, results vary depending upon who is the master and also it works for some and not for all and then again, results vary. Some people may get results in some situations and not in all.

However, with NvLife techniques, it works always and with everyone and in all situations. It has an instant effect. What is so different here?”
-Nizam Tanduri (NV Life Scientist) after 4 months of attending a workshop

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Here are the reasons why our techniques work all the time and results are measurable and predictable:

  1. Science of Life is a program, which is probably the only program, that has been perfected working in the field while applying the techniques and mechanism on scores of issues faced by people. Right from disorder to corporate people to a couple in distress and chronic disease such as autoimmune and cancer.
    2. The techniques have been tested for results. It is believed that every issue is a symptom surfacing at one of the four levels. For example, a disease is surfaced at the physical level, disorder at the mental level, distress at an emotional level while feeling stuck and not contented is surfaced at a spiritual level. Our techniques integrate all these layers and move you towards bliss once practised, daily. As you move towards bliss, there is no way lower frequency issues or any discomfort could vibrate with you. It is like driving away from traffic into a forest. You find peace as you go away from traffic. Though traffic is still something which you have left behind. That is how we help couples revive their relationship, reverse disorder and heal the body for disease.
    3. Almost all healing techniques operate at one level. Reiki operates at a spiritual level, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) at an emotional level, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) at a mental level. None of them are designed to be a cure for a disease, though each one of them is effective in their area of speciality. For example, Reiki goes very well with the energy body to clean chakra and yet some people have cured cancer with it. NLP is a very efficient tool to train the mind to access emotional trauma. But none of them were designated to be a cure or treatment at all levels. Healing is part of the treatment at NvLife and treatment consists of bringing harmony in all four aspects.
    4. Science of Life is driven by the vision to find a cure for health issues. Thus the focus of our techniques is to give you good health hence body is considered as a supreme vehicle here which makes all experiences of life. Compare it with any other techniques which are essentially designed to invoke spiritual awakening and health if you gain is incidental. Here health is supreme and spiritual awakening is incidental. It is another thing that techniques first bring you in touch with your inner self and bring you to the gateway of spiritual awakening in the process of providing health.
    5. We teach you techniques together with Science that expands your consciousness instead of just empowering you with a mystical tool.
    6. The flip side is you can always go back to your old state of disease, disorder or distress as we did not cure you. Instead, we took you away from it and detected the cause to heal it, which in return offers you a barrier in going back to the old state, and so nothing is fixed.
    A simpler way to understand could be that our techniques help you remove the clouds rather than assuming that you are in dark and need to be taken towards the light. That is why, our focus is not on making you spiritual, but to remove that darkness which are blocking the clouds. We strongly believe that cure has to fit into our life rather than moulding our lifestyle to fit in the cure. That is why we place almost no restriction on your lifestyle and habits while practising the techniques but to integrate one technique every day for 20 minutes and that will create the required space in your life and alter the habits if it is needed.

Disclaimer: Comparison drawn with other techniques or practices is done to educate people to understand the difference to choose what is right for them. By no means, we claim that we are superior to others.



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