Difference between you & a Topper

To arrive at excellence we don’t need your time, we just need to resolve your space.

Why are you struggling with excellence?

You are struggling with excellence because your space is trapped in the spaces of past trauma or future fantasies. This makes you procrastinate. Therefore, this program cleans up your space with its techniques. You will learn these techniques. You will practise these techniques under the guidance of the coaches. This will drive you towards effortless excellence.

All you need to do is spend 18 minutes each day, and nothing more. Excellence is now a function of spending 18 minutes before bedtime.

Arrive at effortless excellence.



Here are 10 areas which if you keep in attention, will bring a shift in your well–being and health on its own without any effort. 

A lack of love from the mother and the lack of appreciation from the father is the root of OCD.


You would not need to cope with the suffering then; the techniques will take you to your realizations which will lead you to the wisdom which holds the key to the cure.





Are you a sceptic about science and spirituality? This is your starting point.

Several hours of content in the form of blogs, videos, testimonials and lecture videos are available on topics which relate to your own experiences and decodes your life choices. This will help you discover layers of your ego and decode the hidden wisdom in you. 

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Difference between you & a Topper

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