We have a new office! 


This is the law of manifestation. You work on a project. It requires you to take twenty steps before you can manifest reality. The art of manifestation is only to keep attention at the next step. Complete it and then move to the next step. 

Meditation – The Cure (Second Edition) 

Chapter- Ten Quantum Laws of the Cure 

Our Production team has grown in the last few months, as the work on the web-series for OTT platforms is in full swing. We needed space. Our last space had served its purpose and it was time for the next quantum jump. We had the intent – and we were breathing the desire for the space.  



 On the first Saturday of February, we chanced upon a post on social media stating – that Asia’s biggest Centre of Excellence for AVGC (Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comics) was newly inaugurated and open to the public, and was serendipitously, right in our backyard. 2 members of our team visited the facility and were delighted to learn of the technology infrastructure that was on offer: 

  • Facial Capture System 
  • AR/VR LAB 
  • Full Body Performance Capture 
  • Green Screen 
  • Body Scanner – 3D 
  • Render Farm 
  • DI Colour Corrections 
  • Incubation Centre 
  • Finishing School 



Our team members almost danced their way back to brief the rest of the team. It seemed as if the place was created for us. We were looking for a space and the space mystically appeared for us to uphold our vision to take the Cure to every household. 



Come Wednesday 9 AM we were there to set the energy for the new office. Together, the team meditated and energized the new workspace. 

On a lighter note, the meditation was followed by a silent prayer to give us the strength to work in a ‘table-chair’ environment with barely any candles rather than the fluffy mattresses and 51 candles we were accustomed to, supporting our energy. Now a different kind of tug of war begins between the survivor and mystic quotient as a team, so does a new learning and unlearning.  



Thursday, we began work at our new office space – India’s first Centre of excellence in the field of production. 

We are only the second company to have rented this facility, and we are overjoyed to share this with our community. 


Meditation – the cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

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