Vedna is made more intense and relatable to your suffering. It was always focused on working on your past. The algorithm discovered in Chetna would now be applied to your suffering and you will begin to discover how it has caused you the same. You discover the root cause now. 

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Regardless of the nature of your suffering, Sexuality, Parents, and Relationships are three core areas that are integral to life. There is no other solution but to bring harmony in these three aspects. First within and then it mirrors into relationships and all aspects of life. Your sufferings are emerging from these three aspects.   

Vedna is made more intense and relatable to your suffering. It was always focused on working on your past. The algorithm discovered in Chetna would now be applied to your suffering and you will begin to discover how it has caused you the same. You discover the root cause now.   

For example- If you have thyroid, then you will be working on all patterns leading to the thyroid. NV HUNTING now has objectivity. Since every lack is rooted in parents, parenting is a big focus area. Since every trauma or event of the past has trapped your life force energy in it, to reclaim you need to work on sexuality. Since every event in your life stems from a relationship, working on relationships is imperative.  

In other words, whatever you learned in Chetna; you now start to implement to reverse the suffering.  

The damage has been in the past. Those events continue to haunt and pull you down, no matter how much you are aware of your ‘Lack’. Life is such. The wisdom is new and the dark hidden is far more intense and deeper.  

Vedna- is the program where you pick up each of these events and trauma of your life and with NV HUNTING, keep reclaiming your Life Force Energy which is trapped in the past. 

"One can never live by cutting off from the past because your roots and origin lie there "

Chapter – NV Hunting

Book – Meditation The Cure

Author – Naveen Varshneya


In Chetna, you became aware of your algorithm. You learned OTB and Yog Nidra. You are equipped to now start reversing the suffering. However, your events of the past hold a massive amount of life force and they continue to drift your consciousness away from practicing the techniques and walk towards a cure.   

In Vedna, you will work extensively  

  1. Correlation of your suffering with your algorithm 
  2. How your loop of suffering is continuous to be present in every form of suffering you experience in your own self and in your relationship- be it a career or personal 
  3. NV HUNTING- Extensive work on past events to release life force energy 
  4. Entire work in Vedna will be to relate with your suffering through your sexuality, relationships and parenting. 

In a nutshell, it is to apply the learning of Chetna and start to cure yourself with high objectivity to work on your symptom of suffering. On one hand, it will begin to free you up from the past and on the other hand, you will expand your consciousness. Now, you will be effortlessly attuned to your practice. 


List down all your symptoms of suffering (i.e., thyroid, depression, anger, strained relationship) and algorithm, loop of suffering and NV HUNTING will be applied to directly handle these symptoms to decode the root cause and begin to experience the cure.    

This is a 3-week, online program, intense and yet flexible.   

Video -based, Self- learning Courseware

  • Video lectures by Author
  • FAQ videos to address the most common questions and doubts 





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Treatment Process

1. OTT : Observe the Thought: This would enable you to track your erratic thoughts by just being an observer, thus helping you find patterns in your thought processes or taking you closer to addressing the emotions beneath the thoughts.  

2. OTB: Observe the Breath: As you observe your breath while changing nothing in the way it flows, you connect to your inner self- the innate wisdom which is hidden in you. This is the most potent tool of transformation.  

3. NV SWIMMING: A 3-step process of breathing which effortlessly takes you to the state of Yog Nidra (Meditation-the cure). 30 minutes of practice every day brings a deep state of peace and starts to cure any suffering without any need for diagnosis.  

4. NV HUNTING: The most powerful tool to cure any wound, abuse and trauma of the past and free you up from the patterns of feeling victimized and powerless.  It integrates the past into the present and opens the path for the future with hope and curiosity.   

"In NV Hunting, we work on cleansing the emotions (subconscious). "

Chapter – NV Hunting

Book – Meditation The Cure

Author – Naveen Varshneya


Food, money and sex- three basic needs. Sex remains the most complex issue to address. Sexuality and sexual desire are two aspects of the same mystical life force energy which flows in us through the breath. A part of it goes towards developing the attributes which governs the light and dark in our life. Through these attributes, flows the desire which gives experience of bliss or pain. In absence of knowledge about its role in developing the attributes, we are left high and dry with the physical nature of sexual desire which gets suppressed through belief and grows the component of dark in us. It is this dark which we have manifested as suffering.  


On a physical level, there are ways to diagnose your health and well-being through sexual arousal. You will discover why experiencing orgasm is becoming difficult for women. Like Yog Nidra, orgasm too has a deeper level of bliss. Men will discover how their performance is affected by premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction which is not a function of aging or losing interest in sex. You will discover how your sexual desire is driven by your ‘Lack’ and keeps you in your ‘Loop of Suffering’. 

With all that you have learned about love, care and desire- you are now ready to look at the science of relationships. As all these elements go on to create the basis of your current relationships. Learn the science of how to work through a relationship, the belief we made and how we let those belief govern our relationships. Come face to face with the ‘Lack’ that we are operating out of and all things that become a barrier in receiving love. 

We choose our parents and the environment. We chose them with full wisdom to aid our journey in this birth. What went wrong? Why are we unable to experience the same wisdom and receive their blessings? Why parents’ hidden pain is the blessing to be carried forward?  We get stuck in the suffering zone with our parents as we often refuse to understand the very basic phenomenon that – we choose our parents. So, if we had the wisdom on a soul level to choose our parents then why do we struggle to learn our lessons from them.  


The patterns formed by you and discovered through Algorithm during CHETNA gets deeper and intense when you discover that some of them are inherited by you from your parents. It gets alarming when you realize, like you unknowingly received patterns of suffering from parents, if you do not break those patterns by taking over the pain of your parents, you will land up passing on to your children. This is how you begin to put a stop to the pattern of suffering hidden in your lineage and begin to get liberated. 


No matter what your issue is- be it physical ailment or mental one such as depression or an emotional issue such as related to relationship, sexuality, career, money, parenting etc as long as you are not comfortable with it you are suffering. We define all human issues under one common category called “Suffering”. 

One thing common in your suffering is YOU. It is through your choices and journey of life that you lost the spirit– body- mind balance and attracted a symptomAll of them are forms of suffering. We take your symptoms and map it at the emotional level where symptoms for two people could be different manifestation of the same emotion but due to different belief, different choices were made; thus, different pattern of energy manifested as your symptoms.  

Cure is within you. Restoring spirit body mind balance reverses all the symptoms of suffering 

The courseware through ChetnaVedna and Manthan is a journey to discover the cure within. Depending upon level of severity of your symptoms and distortion in spirit body mind, you are required to go through the different levels of courses where you are guided at every step in your inner journey of finding cure. 


 Meditation is not a frivolous thing. A few minutes of being in the state of meditation (yog nidra) for a few weeks is enough to reverse terminal and chronic suffering of any nature.  The key question is – how to make people arrive at that state. Is there a process and science which can make anybody practice it and experience the difference, within days? This is what you learn here. 

Please visit whispering wisdom section to learn more about meditation that we teach. 


Various forms of practices that you do are complimentary to what you learn here. In fact, you will learn how to do yoga correctly. This will help you save time and will make any such practice far more effective than what it is for you now. 

The state of meditation is the state of YOG – the union. For union to occur you shall know what is separating you. It is the mind which separates us. To arrive at the state of meditation (YOG), the mind shall arrive at the state of zero thoughts. 

Various forms of meditation prevalent globally are suggestion, affirmation based or based on imagination or visualization. For all such activities, you require your mind to be active. As long as the mind is active, it will never reach state of zero thought.  Such meditation does help you suspend various thoughts for some time, because you are focusing on following a suggestion. Its good effect remains with you for some time and may sometimes last longer to give you the effect that your problems are getting solved. However, that is not meditation and any such effect is incidental. 

The science of cure, as discovered byensures that everyone who practices, reach the zerothought state. Staying in this state for few minutes every day is enough to restore the spirit-body-mind balance and reverse the symptoms of suffering on its own. 

Breathing is part of life. In fact, it is life. Breathing is the link between life and mystery. If we stay with the breath, it decodes the mystery of our life. You learn here the most ancient form of meditation which is based on observing the breath.  Entire courseware is developed based on this simple and small concept. It covers all aspects of a life and it handles all ranges of issues. 

No, it is health and wellbeing practice. People come here to be better at what they are. A mother becomes a better mother, a corporate executive becomes better at his job, a child is able to excel and people who are suffering reverse their sufferings and align with nature. In short, it is about how to lead a better life for the choices you have made rather than searching for God or divinity. If any, then God and divinity shall flow in your experiences, through the choices you are making or feel guided to make choices. Besides, we do not know what you mean by spirituality. It is a very fuzzy word and discouraged in NV LIFE. 

No. As mentioned we do not associate ourselves with any religion or spiritual practices. Our techniques and methodologies are based on the principles of Quantum Physics. Hence, it is sciencedriven, and not spirituality-based, in principle

Honestly, no. On the contrary, we might have to work extra hard with you. From our experience of working with students and patients, we have found that people come with big ego that they are very spiritual. Therefore, they have hard time unlearning and absorbing what is taught here. You shall ask yourself that if you are spiritual then why are you suffering? Why whatever you learned so far is not enough to reverse your suffering? And if not, then drop those practices in which you devote time and energy; and yet, rather than solving your issues, they create bigger ego.  

Hence, your transformation does not depend on your spiritual quotient (if there is anything such as that). But let us help you understand what would accelerate your transformation/cure. Below are the factors: 

  1. Ability to follow the courseware and implement the practice  
  2. Faith and understanding of the science of cure. 
  3. Surrender to the process 
  4. Sincerity, Discipline & Commitment 
  5. Zero ego 
  6. Openness to take strong feedback from Faculty 

If you know how to cook Indian food, you cannot cook Chinese food with same knowledge. You will have to unlearn few things and learn a lot anew. However, your curiosity to cook Chinese food will take care of everything. Your experience of cooking will help you go through new learning in a fun way. But if you get stuck that you want to make Chinese food with Indian recipe, well, do you need a reply?  Worst still, if you choose to mix both the styles and eat that food yourself??? 

We do not have any problem with your past knowledge. However, just like in every job/profession, when you switch companies, you would undergo a natural process of unlearning and relearning, since every practice has different values, methodologies and scientific principles. We would urge you to come with an open mind to learn our techniques. 

We have had cases of homeopathic doctors, psychologists, mindfulness experts and healers who have opted to learn NV Life techniques. In case of homeopathic/allopathic doctors and psychologist – they are very happy to integrate NV Life techniques along with their practice of medicine/ science, for phenomenal success with their participants. However, in case of mindfulness/heartfulness experts and healers of various modalities, we urge them to unlearn a little and relearn to a certain extent. They experience the difference themselves. It is just initial hitch that you may experience. 


 It really depends on how you see things and how severe your issues are. There is a difference between reading through the book by self and sitting in the classroom and learning in a small group of people. 

This program has three types of sessions- 


1. Essential & Flexible: 

The LMS lectures once opened on the scheduled day will be available for viewing any time, once opened. You can watch it in your own time and space and prepare for the Q&A.

2. Fixed:  

  1. Agneya- A 30-minute morning meditation session which is scheduled with fair regularity through the week  
  2. Vartalaap- A weekly Q&A interface with the Founder and Author 
  3. Jigyasa- A weekly Q&A interface with coaches on an assigned topic 

3. Optional: 

Gurukul– Hosted regularly throughout the course– you can walk into the session and walk out soon as you are done. Get your doubts cleared without having to spend a whole session. It allows you to have a more in-depth conversation with coaches. This session would come with specific time slots which would be announced through the planner.  


Group coaching sessions are structured into the program. Also, provision for 1-on-1 sessions is made in the Gurukul sessions. However, we discourage it, as that interferes with your healing energies. 

Currently all our courseware is extended for students till 31st March, 2021, free of cost. As we are evolving, it may change. 

Regular support on the website forum, the Community Gurukul session and our Whispering Wisdom communique are our medium of community support for all out students. Further to this, the advanced-level programs are the avenue to work at deeper levels to cure yourself. 

There is help available. It is by and large as simple as watching video on YOU TUBE and interacting on Facebook. Everyone is comfortable with video calls by now. So, there is no reason you shall worry about it. 

You learn alphabets and forming sentences in kindergarten. If you practice at home, you can one day write a book too. You really need not go to school for higher studies. 

Chetna is complete program. You can practice at home and reverse your suffering. However, inner journey is not that easy. You need a lot of handholding at every step. It is a vast subject covering your life, which was always mystical to you and now is unfolding as science for you. However, it can be intense and you may first want to pause before coming for a higher-level program, to resume your journey. 

Typically, it is a 7 –10 days’ pause between 2 programs. During the closing of Chetna, you will be guided on how to use the pause. The forum will remain active for support during the pause period. 

It depends upon your case. Please consult at the Gurukul session.  In principle, we have crafted courseware across three programs with pauses in between to take care of the need to absorb learning before taking next step. There are times, we advise some students to pause longer. 

We deal with such situations very often. We need one of the family members in the program as a caregiver and then we guide them how to administer processes on the patient.  

Yes, very much. The process is simple- the mother’s and child’s energies are connected. Which means if the mother turns inward and practices the techniques, the child begins to respond to the treatment mother is carrying out on herself. We have complete science and processes covered in our courseware about how mothers have passed on their tendencies to the child, due to which is child is suffering. 

We understand that these concepts might be new to a lot of people, hence before any session commences, we host a series of open house counselling sessions. You can bring in anyone you wish to refer to the course to this session. Our team will guide them and address the questions they may have.   

Sometimes, with the elderly, or a patient in severe suffering, we may advise that the caregiver also join the program to help facilitate the patients journey and treatment. 

We understand the disease or disorder you are suffering with and we have our own diagnostic process. So, it is not of prime importance to bring your old papers. However, you need to have clarity on your symptoms as we will definitely be taking that into consideration. 

If a participant decides to leave the treatment midway, we do not stop or discourage them. It is a personal choice. Having said that there would be no repercussions in terms of the situation getting worse. The knowledge and the techniques would be with you anyway. So, you can implement it even after going home. If the participant wishes to come back to the treatment after some time, we can take it up form there and proceed forward.

Yes. As mentioned, nothing is fixed. However, techniques taught to you would not let that happen if you continue to sincerely practice them. But then it is dependent solely on you than us as you would be the creating time and space to continue the practice.   

Even if it relapses, it will be gradual. You can come for our Community Gurukul sessions (group interaction with coaches for guidance), and we will guide you to follow the techniques and monitor you till you restore you a high frequency level.  

We urge everyone to go as per the courseware. Start with one technique which requires around 30 mins each day. Most important is your consistency. It should be a daily activity. Over a period of 3 weeks as you get comfortable with one technique and it begins to bring changes in you, you find that you are now very keen and curious to go deeper and quiet effortlessly. Eventually, nothing else matters as you begin to see the difference in your life because of the techniques.

No, not at all. In fact, as funny as it sounds, “Meditation The Cure” is discovered by an engineer.  We are neither a replacement of the medical system nor do we aim to be. We are spirit -body- mind based organization. Our treatment is the treatment of balancing spirit-body-mind through scientific processes based on breathing and meditation, which are established over the period of time by working on cases

All our faculty members have been certified in our program. Having said that we work on the science of breathing, which is a branch of diagnosis in itself. As our faculty is completely trained on this, they have been successfully handling multiple cases ranging from chronic illnesses to mental disorders and distress. 

No. Please continue with your doctor visits and medicine. You will reach a stage in our treatment, where your doctor will advise you whether you require medicines or not. Almost always, reversing your disease means going-off medicine or minimum dosage. However, that is a decision made by you and your doctor, when your tests are administered. 

We impose no restriction on your diet or medicine or any other alternative treatments you are taking outside. In fact, our healing is enhanced if you are with Ayurveda or Acupressure or Homeopathy, though we do work together with you to fine tune and integrate it, taking into consideration your overall capacity and speed to heal.

This program is a 21-day workshop. It is structured into a courseware of recorded lecture videos, which are essential to your learning. Apart from this, distinctive sessions of coaching and Founder- dialogue are woven into the program- which you may attend to enhance your learning. 


We have had working professionals and entrepreneurs attending the program. The program is structured to give due flexibility to the student’s learning routine. However, we have often seen our students make due time and space for their learning, so as to gain to the best possibility and experience transformation

We have been able to accede to time schedules of US residents and those of other nations across the globe. The round-the-clock access to the recorded lectures and the suitably timed classroom sessions make it possible for overseas students. However, some time adjustments are required at the students’ end to be able to do justice to the program.  

This is health and wellbeing program. You do various things on a daily basis to keep yourself healthy. People do two hours of meditation, then visit doctors. You learn meditation here and you only do 45 min of meditation and that saves you so many hours in a day besides feeling joy within. 

 The fear of the unknown is something that is understandable. We have established, through earlier questions, very clearly, that a person’s religion, spiritual quotient, etc is not brought into question. If you smoke, drink and eat non-veg, we really don’t judge you for that, neither will we ask you to quit any of these, unless of course your doctor determines a health problem and prohibits you from it. We neither interfere with nor judge your lifestyle. When you start the practice, the only thing we might urge you to do is find one hour in the day for yourself and the breathing practices. Hopefully, that is not too much to ask for. The rest, please feel free to celebrate your life the way you see fit.  

This program is to fit in your lifestyle rather than you change your lifestyle to fit this program. Of course, for anything new when you learn, you need to allocate time and space for the same. 

Yes and NO. Everything in the universe has a design and there is an algorithm working behind it. Various practices in the name of spirituality or inner journey can be classified as meditation or spirituality. Rightly so because traditionally it was very mystical that only some people could do and gain benefits of it. Then it became an art that some teachers could somehow teach to some students and not all. However, there is science working inside which has remained a mystery so far. We have decoded the science through which now any one and every one can learn how to discover wisdom within. Therefore, science and meditation converge here at NV life.


100% and if you follow the basic theory deployed through the courseware and the practices. However, at times due to known and unknown constraints of the family or participant, the participant does not want to get better beyond a point or wants to pause to stabilize at a specific point. We respect that and allow the participant to move at their own chosen pace. We do not give up because we believe in the science and run with you till you are willing to.

The only way you can trust is by experiencing it. We have made few videos available at Whispering Wisdom. Also, we are constantly upgrading content on our website for users to read and gain insights into their life. Keep visiting us regularly. Sign up for newsletters so that we can update you regularly. Once you feel comfortable, register yourself for the course and start experiencing transformation in your life. 

Honestly, even we have been facing this problem for the last 11 years. So, we use different ways to explain to people.  Simplest is to tell you that the cure is within you. We teach you how to turn inwards. Then we teach you what will you find inwards and how to handle it. So, courseware is all about that. It is everything about your life and what matters to you. Here are few bullets which will help you understand us better, hopefully! 

  1. The closest it gets is – to Naturopathy. Everything is natural here.  
  2. NV Life’s principle of treatment is based on quantum physics, which says everything in the universe is vibrating and nothing is fixed. Neither your suffering nor the cure. 
  3. It is based on breathing; therefore, it is ancient wisdom of Swarn Yog 
  4. Since it is meditation, it is the ancient practice of our mystics 
  5. Since, anybody can practice and experience the cure, there is step by step guide. Therefore, it is science 

Sexual Life force energy is often mistaken as sexual desire only. If you refer to the chapter Physical Body in the book, specifically the section ‘Sexuality: Life force energy and Haemoglobin’ you will understand that when we refer to sexuality, we are generally referring to the life force energy which is also the ‘procreative’ energy. It is the most important form of life force energy.  

NV Life is very non-judgemental, and sexuality has never been treated as a taboo. You would experience that your family members will open up and their inhibitions would be lowered during the course of the program. Having said all of that we handle this very sensitively and prepare everyone else accordingly as well.  

Increasing more and more families are coming together in our courses. Sexuality (life force energy) is one important aspect and is handled with grace in our lectures. In fact, as families, you land up watching explicit content much against your choice. 

Besides, this conversation should open up. We have attempted to address it in most core and basic level and in scientific manner.  

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This is your resource center. Call it library. Every blog, video or interaction here will leave you with insight into your life

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