Vedna is made more intense and relatable to your suffering. It was always focused on working on your past. The algorithm discovered in Chetna would now be applied to your suffering and you will begin to discover how it has caused you the same. You discover the root cause now. 

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Regardless of the nature of your suffering, Sexuality, Parents, and Relationships are three core areas that are integral to life. There is no other solution but to bring harmony in these three aspects. First within and then it mirrors into relationships and all aspects of life. Your sufferings are emerging from these three aspects.   

Vedna is made more intense and relatable to your suffering. It was always focused on working on your past. The algorithm discovered in Chetna would now be applied to your suffering and you will begin to discover how it has caused you the same. You discover the root cause now.   

For example- If you have thyroid, then you will be working on all patterns leading to the thyroid. NV HUNTING now has objectivity. Since every lack is rooted in parents, parenting is a big focus area. Since every trauma or event of the past has trapped your life force energy in it, to reclaim you need to work on sexuality. Since every event in your life stems from a relationship, working on relationships is imperative.  

In other words, whatever you learned in Chetna; you now start to implement to reverse the suffering.  

The damage has been in the past. Those events continue to haunt and pull you down, no matter how much you are aware of your ‘Lack’. Life is such. The wisdom is new and the dark hidden is far more intense and deeper.  

Vedna- is the program where you pick up each of these events and trauma of your life and with NV HUNTING, keep reclaiming your Life Force Energy which is trapped in the past. 

"One can never live by cutting off from the past because your roots and origin lie there "
- Meditation The Cure
Author - Naveen Varshneya


In Chetna, you became aware of your algorithm. You learned OTB and Yog Nidra. You are equipped to now start reversing the suffering. However, your events of the past hold a massive amount of life force and they continue to drift your consciousness away from practicing the techniques and walk towards a cure.   

In Vedna, you will work extensively  

  1. Correlation of your suffering with your algorithm 
  2. How your loop of suffering is continuous to be present in every form of suffering you experience in your own self and in your relationship- be it a career or personal 
  3. NV HUNTING- Extensive work on past events to release life force energy 
  4. Entire work in Vedna will be to relate with your suffering through your sexuality, relationships and parenting. 

In a nutshell, it is to apply the learning of Chetna and start to cure yourself with high objectivity to work on your symptom of suffering. On one hand, it will begin to free you up from the past and on the other hand, you will expand your consciousness. Now, you will be effortlessly attuned to your practice. 


List down all your symptoms of suffering (i.e., thyroid, depression, anger, strained relationship) and algorithm, loop of suffering and NV HUNTING will be applied to directly handle these symptoms to decode the root cause and begin to experience the cure.    

This is a 3-week, online program, intense and yet flexible.   

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1. OTT : Observe the Thought: This would enable you to track your erratic thoughts by just being an observer, thus helping you find patterns in your thought processes or taking you closer to addressing the emotions beneath the thoughts.  

2. OTB: Observe the Breath: As you observe your breath while changing nothing in the way it flows, you connect to your inner self- the innate wisdom which is hidden in you. This is the most potent tool of transformation.  

3. NV SWIMMING: A 3-step process of breathing which effortlessly takes you to the state of Yog Nidra (Meditation-the cure). 30 minutes of practice every day brings a deep state of peace and starts to cure any suffering without any need for diagnosis.  

4. NV HUNTING: The most powerful tool to cure any wound, abuse and trauma of the past and free you up from the patterns of feeling victimized and powerless.  It integrates the past into the present and opens the path for the future with hope and curiosity.   

"In NV Hunting, we work on cleansing the emotions (subconscious). "

Chapter – NV Hunting | Book – Meditation The Cure | Author – Naveen Varshneya


Food, money and sex- three basic needs. Sex remains the most complex issue to address. Sexuality and sexual desire are two aspects of the same mystical life force energy which flows in us through the breath. A part of it goes towards developing the attributes which governs the light and dark in our life. Through these attributes, flows the desire which gives experience of bliss or pain. In absence of knowledge about its role in developing the attributes, we are left high and dry with the physical nature of sexual desire which gets suppressed through belief and grows the component of dark in us. It is this dark which we have manifested as suffering.  

On a physical level, there are ways to diagnose your health and well-being through sexual arousal. You will discover why experiencing orgasm is becoming difficult for women. Like Yog Nidra, orgasm too has a deeper level of bliss. Men will discover how their performance is affected by premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction which is not a function of aging or losing interest in sex. You will discover how your sexual desire is driven by your ‘Lack’ and keeps you in your ‘Loop of Suffering’. 

With all that you have learned about love, care and desire- you are now ready to look at the science of relationships. As all these elements go on to create the basis of your current relationships. Learn the science of how to work through a relationship, the belief we made and how we let those belief govern our relationships. Come face to face with the ‘Lack’ that we are operating out of and all things that become a barrier in receiving love. 

We choose our parents and the environment. We chose them with full wisdom to aid our journey in this birth. What went wrong? Why are we unable to experience the same wisdom and receive their blessings? Why parents’ hidden pain is the blessing to be carried forward?  We get stuck in the suffering zone with our parents as we often refuse to understand the very basic phenomenon that – we choose our parents. So, if we had the wisdom on a soul level to choose our parents then why do we struggle to learn our lessons from them?


The patterns formed by you and discovered through Algorithm during CHETNA get deeper and intense when you discover that some of them are inherited by you from your parents. It gets alarming when you realize, like you unknowingly received patterns of suffering from parents, if you do not break those patterns by taking over the pain of your parents, you will land up passing on to your children. This is how you begin to put a stop to the pattern of suffering hidden in your lineage and begin to get liberated. 

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