Two women cured infertility in a month with meditation

Magic of the Book Meditation the Cure. 

One of the healing processes mentioned in the book isSpinning the Chakra (Circling). 

Quote from the book – 

“Its purpose is to move down the person’s life force energy, which is stuck in the mind and is not flowing freely in the body. 

This alone is a powerful technique in most infertility cases to trigger fertility in women. This brings a lot of oxygen and blood to the reproductive organs. 

This process is really like a ventilator for a terminal case “ 

One NV Life alumnus spoke of this technique to a couple friend who was not able to conceive for ten years. Husband did the Circling on wife and she conceived in a month… 

What a miracle of reading the book and practising one of the processes. 

One of Pooja’s (my wife) friends was not able to conceive for ten years… I taught her the spinning exercise and her husband did it on her as instructed in the book and she conceived in a month. It’s nothing short of a miracle. 

Meditation is the state of cure. It balances your electromagnetic field so that no form of disease, distress, disorder can exist in you. Students at Curedemy are learning meditation for health and wellbeing. This in turn helps them to overcome complex issues like infertility that have been plaguing them for years. 

Are you tired of suffering? Experience the Cure with the book Meditation The Cure.