Trigger Event: Path of Insight vs Ego

Trigger events are touchpoints for us to turn inwards, find the root cause & deepen our Sadhna. Here’s an example, inspired by a student’s post on Day 1 of Vedna.



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Pranam. My learning from today’s event in Aarambh.
After the session, when I did OTB after bath, the following are the insights:

a) I attracted the event of not being invited to the session.
b) I realized how my emotions were completely different from how I would have reacted 4 months ago. If it was earlier times, I would have got angry, vented out by calling out in the session, etc. I do realize this kind of reaction would have come from the belief of being unloved (ignored in this case), loneliness/unworthiness, and the ego surfacing as anger to be a good survivor.
c) Today, I did not get these emotions and was glad that I was indeed called and was able to join, though I was not prepared mentally.
d) I felt, this event perhaps came more as a ‘test’ and it looks like I did not fall into the trap, thanks to Chetna.

Mukesh (Vedna Student)

So the next time an event triggers you, we hope that you turn inward with awareness and ground in an insight.