Treatment Program



The program is the best way forward if you find your suffering obstinate in its nature and/or find it difficult to implement and work by yourself on account of any reason – a very hectic work-schedule, a deep trauma, an acute condition of a disorder or disease or a continually disturbing pattern at your work or in relationships. 

This program will help you gradually nullify or minimise your need for support from any external intervention, be it medical, from us or in any other form. It is a gradual step by step process which works at all layers to remove the root cause. 


This program has been structured to offer specific, deep and incisive interventions to individuals with chronic/severe/ acute suffering 

It is an evolution of all the work we have done through the several offline treatment retreats as well as online programs through the past 11 years. The Treatment Program was introduced at the start of the year 2020, as we found many students coming into Chetna, with acute and or severe state of suffering.  For such students, our 21-day program did well in giving immediate relief and kindling the lost hope and curiosity in them- both being the bare essentials to discovering the cure within. However, the pace of the courseware and the depth and the nature of interventions were found to be unsuitable vis-a-vis the need of the students, due to their condition and/or lifestyle. 

If you are undergoing a medical line of treatment, please continue with the same, until you or your doctor arrive at not needing it!  This program will help you gradually nullify or minimise your need for support from any external intervention; be it medical, from us or in any other form. It is a gradual step by step process which works at all layers to remove the root cause. 


  • Individuals with a suffering of a long-standing timeframe, be it at an emotional distress, mental disorder or a lifestyle disease  
  • Individuals, whose active and intense pace of work-life does not allow them to devote sufficient time to a classroom-based courseware 
  • Individuals with severe/ chronic condition like auto-immune disorder, kidney malfunction, cancer, OCD, Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, acute distress etc.  
  • Mothers with severe condition in their children, such as learning delays, food/ skin allergies, reflux issues etc   
  • Expecting mothers who are keen to work on their ‘sanskaras’ so as to pass on the wisdom to the new life. 
  • Graduates, from our various interventions, who have discovered an obstinate layer of lack at the root cause. 


  • Should have the book- ‘Meditation – The Cure’  


Certain chronic cases may require the caregiver at home to participate in the program to provide support to the student. It is a beautiful opportunity to raise the vibration of the family, and everyone benefits with better health and well–being. However, as far as treatment of the student is concerned, caregiver’s support is required from time to time, though it is minimised or eliminated in the later stage.  Caregiver is mandatory, if so specified, and on further evaluation, we may make an exception on a case-to-case basis.  


  • Minimum 3 months (12 weeks)   
  • Recommended repeat of the program, as and when required and agreed upon 

With our attention on the sole objective of restoring your health and well-being, we intend to work with you through the entire journey, to help you reverse your suffering.    

Here are the possible exit routes from the treatment:  

  1. When all your medical reports begin to move towards  normal or within a non-threatening range.   
  2. When we feel that you need to be on your own for some time before we work with you again
  3. When you feel that you are tired of working on yourself and need to pause for some time; while you continue practicing on your own to retain the gains from the program before you resume again with us.   

The minimum duration for any of the above possibilities of exit is, however, 3 months. Please note – some cases require longer, sustained work on self, and thus maybe recommended to continue with ensuing batches of the treatment program. Such advice must be taken with due sincerity by the said students, for them to be able to sustain the cure and or go deeper to the root cause while relief and reversal in symptoms may have started showing up in a big way. 



Treatment program

               Program fee                           ₹ 251,771               

Program duration                    12 weeks

Bank Account Details for Transaction purposes   

Beneficiary Name: NV LIFE PRIVATE LIMITED   

Bank Name: ICICI Bank   

Account Number: 2328 0500 2740   

Account Type: Savings Account   

IFSC Code: ICIC0002328   

Branch Details:  Prestige Shantiniketan, Whitefield, Bangalore – 560048   


  • The fee mentioned above is in INR.  
  • GST @ 18% is applicable on the fee mentioned above.  
  • The fee payment is to be made at the time of enrolment. 
  • There may be a need for extra interventions in some cases. We shall inform you at the time of enrolment and that may indicate an additional fee.  
  • Please follow the Cancellation Policy guidelines, as applicable to all our programs. 


  • The entire courseware will be made available to the participants  
  • Weekly schedule of lectures to be watched will be worked out for every student.
  • All interventions, such as Gurukul/Jigyasa/Home Tuitionare tailor-made for the batch and individuals


  • Discipline, commitment, and sincerity  
  • Creating space for yourself at home  
  • Minimizing social and work commitment. In some cases, we might ask you to be free from any work at the office or home for a certain duration or for the entire duration of the program, based on the severity of your condition. 


Treatment Program Subscription

Over the course of 3 months, you worked to decode the many layers of your suffering through the techniques, and courseware. The deep diagnosis sessions and the interventions peeled off your layers to arrive at the root cause of your disease – disorder – distress. Continue to deepen your awareness, and nurture the cure that you found within you. 


  • Treatment Program 14.0

    22 March 2022





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