Treatment Program: How we diagnose & decode

The NV Life Treatment Program commenced on 5th February 2021. What once was the cornerstone of NV Life is now back in a digital format. 


Week 1 – The Diagnosis 

The first week was dedicated to studying each case in detail. 

In the treatment program, the question we were investigating is – when they know all, then why are they not able to walk the path to the cure.  

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We examined their detailed analysis against some major parameters-  

  1. What is giving them a sense of security, that they are postponing the cure feeling they have an alternative even if no health (Maya), 
  2. Investment in misery, 
  3. Lineage curse and patterns of suffering,  
  4. Dark supporting their ego to find meaning in teaching lesson to someone by destroying self,  
  5. Influences of the ecosystem and their gains, if the patient remains sick,  
  6. A stubbornness- If I do not get this, I do not want to live.  

The week went very intense. Each member of the faculty spent time collecting history, carrying out diagnostics, in team discussions, and detailed analysis with the founder. 


The Challenge 

Now the task was to find the most effective manner to help the patient realize the analysis. The whole concept in the treatment program is that if the consciousness of the patient expands, the breath will flow in a larger area and the cure will be effortless then. 


The Process 

This first half of this week saw: 

8 one-on-one, deep diagnostic calls with students, which further took them through a timeline of their entire life and unearthed the key events.  

Their entire lifetime opened up along with the emotions and beliefs, which had become the very basis of their suffering. Their pattern of misery was bright as a day and staring them in the face.  

In the middle of the week, Naveen Sir initiated a group diagnosis where each student could witness the root cause of their suffering. Being in a group enabled them to look at each other’s patterns and learn from them. 


The latter half of this week saw: 

8 one on one calls between faculty and students. A gentle nudge in the direction of acceptance was created through this. 

6 one on one calls were done with Naveen sir, where the students began to align to the cure and were enabled with a prescription of the way forward.



Meditation – the cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

Our courses

Chetna ->

Discover the pattern which drove you to make choices to arrive at suffering. 

Treatment Program ->

3 month long Personalised program for Acute and Chronic cases.

Swastim ->

Nothing lives inside us without being fed by our breath.