TP – practice draft

Treatment Program

Specific, deep and incisive interventions for individuals with chronic/severe/acute suffering.

Program Price: 

Treatment Program: Cure is here

  • This is the original program of Curedemy. Every intervention which has been run over the last 12 years has been run on this philosophy of arriving at the cure and reversing the suffering. Therefore, every intervention big or small, one format or another, has been the Treatment Program.
  • This is a deeply guided and handheld program where the focus is on acute to severe cases and focused reversal of the same.

How does it work?

The working of this is a three-step process:


This is the most intense feature of the program. This is the ultimate research lab of Curedemy.

  1. The faculty will use pointed questions to understand each and every event of your life and decode the same.
  2. This would give us an understanding of your patterns, tendencies, relationship with parents, relationship with significant others.
  3. This data will be analyzed by the team lead by founder to chart out a prescribed course of action depending on your severity, chronicity and nature of suffering.

For those of you who have been to tuition classes, you would remember from your childhood days how the teacher would sit next to you and handhold you. He would watch your every move and every step and could even predict the kind of mistake you would make in the next arithmetic equation.

Based on the same concept, the Treatment Program has the most intense 4-hour session format called Home Tuition.

We have successfully completed one year of home tuitions and observed these results so far:

  1. Students who struggled to do NV Hunting or struggled to implement the finer points of Hunting were rapidly able to launch themselves in the space and surrender to the event/emotion.
  2. This means they are now experiencing live meditation with live guidance in the session.
  3. Work on self is now happening under the supervision of the coaches. This also means that any feedback and guidance is being implemented live within the energy field of the session. Let’s say the student makes a mistake in attempting the first technique, no problem, we now course correct it, on the spot, rather than waiting for a whole day for them to come back either through the forum or the next session. Implementation is now swift.
  4. We are witnessing people come in with the problem statement at 3:30 pm and by 7:30 pm they have arrived at wisdom. Of course, we must understand that intention, attention and awareness are preconditions- but the format is a booster for moving from dark to light.

All the cases are under the keen observation of the founder on a weekly basis. Each week every case is reviewed by the founder, along with the team. This is a hotbed for fresh research for the organization. Almost 70% of the new insights and discoveries emerge in these sessions. These insights are then given to the students and monitored for implementation.

Each week it sets the path for the students and faculty.

Cases resolved with Treatment Program

  1. An invasive brain surgery was advised to a 40-year-old male patient diagnosed with cavernoma. This was reversed within 9 months with the size of cavernoma being reduced by 80%.
  2. A 70-year-old female patient with 4th stage lung cancer reversed her cancer in 9 months by coming back to stage 1. eventually advised by doctors to leave chemotherapy.
  3. A 38-year-old woman struggling with infertility took multiple IVF treatments, all leading to failures. With a 9-month long intervention she is now a proud mother of a 6-month-old baby boy.
  4. A 23-year-old young girl suffering with bipolar and struggling to find good education opportunities is now experiencing a balanced state of mental health and is pursuing her higher education in USA.
  5. A 57-year-old male patient who was on sleeping pills for the last ten years is drug free and sleeping well without any medication.

These cases are just a handful amongst the long list of transformations that the students have witnessed. The most common statement we get to hear is, how did it happen? When medical science had suggested otherwise.
It is not a miracle but an ancient science which teaches people to be in alignment with their breath and nature. This is done through deep concept-driven lectures and very simple techniques.

What is the 1/2/3 home tuition pack?

How can I avail it?

Once you have enrolled for Treatment Program, and completed your existing home tuition sessions, you may feel the need for additional guided sessions, especially if your suffering is severe or if you have an unstable mind. This will help you avail additional home tuition sessions over and above your existing ones.

  1. You can purchase either 1, 2 or 3 home tuition sessions.
  2. These sessions can be used anytime through the subscription period.
  3. You can either attend all 3 Home tuition sessions in one month or you can use it throughout the year.

Note: Applicable only for Manthan and TP subscription graduates. Not for Chetna subscription graduates.

If you want to avail the home tuition pack, click here. (Prerequisite to purchase 1/2/3 pack is subscription to Manthan or Treatment Program.)



  • Sincerity- not seriousness
  • Commitment- not convenience
  • Discipline- not rigidity
  • Create time and space for yourself
  • Minimizing social and work commitment. In some cases, we might ask you to be free from any work at the office or home for a certain duration or for the entire duration of the program, based on the severity of your condition

What will you get in the new version of TP?

The last version of the Treatment program spanned 90 days. It was streamlined by introducing the home tuition practice session where the students would learn the concept and implement it in the presence of a coach and share immediate feedback.

However, it is understandable that 90 days is not enough for you to practice all the concepts at your own chosen pace. Every journey is different and so is the nature of every suffering. There are concepts which will need deeper understanding and practice depending on the nature of your suffering and the subsequent diagnosis.

So, in the new version you get:


I. The 3-month Program


1. Weekly 1 half-day home tuition practice session

where the coaches will lead the practice. Post which you practice on your own for the other half of the day.

2. Home Tuition

  • Continuous non-stop for 3 months duration
  • The home tuition sessions will be lecture wise

3. Online forum support

to get your queries and doubts cleared. And receive insights from coaches.

II. Post the three months pack is completed, the student gets the following for next 9 months:


1. One deep Jigyasa per month for 9 months

2. You can also choose to buy a top up pack of 1,2 or 3 home tuitions more

3. Continuous support on the forum for 9 months

4. Complete access to all videos of courseware, resources and latest research

5. Recordings of their own session

Who shall attend?

  • Individuals with a suffering of a long-standing timeframe, be it at an emotional distress, mental disorder or a lifestyle disease
  • Individuals, whose active and intense pace of work-life does not allow them to devote sufficient time to a classroom-based courseware
  • Individuals with severe/ chronic condition like auto-immune disorder, kidney malfunction, cancer, OCD, Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, acute distress etc.
  • Mothers with severe condition in their children, such as learning delays, food/ skin allergies, reflux issues etc
  • Expecting mothers who are keen to work on their ‘sanskaras’ so as to pass on the wisdom to the new life.
  • Graduates, from our various interventions, who have discovered an obstinate layer of lack at the root cause.

Criterion: Should have the book- ‘Meditation – The Cure’


Note: Certain chronic cases may require the caregiver at home to participate in the program to provide support to the student. It is a beautiful opportunity to raise the vibration of the family, and everyone benefits with better health and well–being. However, as far as treatment of the student is concerned, caregiver’s support is required from time to time, though it is minimized or eliminated in the later stage. Caregiver is mandatory, if so specified, and on further evaluation, we may make an exception on a case-to-case basis.

What will your package be?

A one-year subscription to all videos of this program

An extensive library of Faculty Jigyasa- symptom focused QNA session

An extensive library of FAQs- topic based

An extensive Library of Vartalaap – Founder driven sessions

Weekly home tuition sessions for 3 months & monthly Jigyasa for 9 months after that.

This can be clubbed with a 1,2,3 pack of Home Tuition

How to enrol for this program?

To enroll for TP, please use the following the following bank details or contact the number +91 9777773131.

Bank Account Details for Transaction purposes

Bank Name: Kotak Mahindra Bank
Account Number: 9047236243
Account Type: Current Account
IFSC Code: KKBK0008336.


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Over the last two weeks & ever since I started doing the practice, I find wonderful calmness. With OTB, I am slowly and steadily getting into the zone of zero/ negligible thoughts and breathing has become deep with a slow and steady rhythm.

Curedemy Student
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My decision-making without irritation has improved. Quite a few positive outcomes in professional life have happened.

Curedemy Student
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My relationship with my partner and my kids has improved.

Curedemy Student
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After going through the course with OTB, OTT, The Science of Cure, Algorithm, Loop of Suffering, and Sexuality, the way I view my reflection and introspection of the past has completely changed. It's like shining the torch on myself.

Curedemy Student
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Realising my lack in 0-7 years and the tendency developed towards being nice to others in 7-14 and further consolidating that as belief and ego between 14-21 has sown seeds taking me to where I am today.

Curedemy Student
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The Agneya meditation this morning was a beautiful experience. It took me a while to enter that space. After OTB for a few minutes, I lapsed into a state of stillness and could then experience the life force energy in me. I was suffused by a sense of well-being and then I was aware of moving my attention to the tips of my toes right up to the fingers of my hands to feel that life force energy everywhere in my being.

Curedemy Student
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From childhood to now, every time I have felt pain (as I connect now) there has been a transformation in my life good or bad. When things unsettle us, we either go inwards or take the path of dark.The teachings at NV Life have given clarity to my inward vartalaaps..

Curedemy Student
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My experience in Chetna has been an enriching one, during the Agneya sessions while doing OTB I attained physical and mental peace and bliss. Have been able to connect with my emotions which were suppressed all this while..

Curedemy Student
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Today’s session, Agneya, was a great session on two levels. One, I could see the theory in action and could get in touch with the power of these tools. But secondly, it was a lesson in “how much difference, fine tuning can make”. Holding the breath in a natural way vs holding it in a forced way….. the results are poles apart. The flurry of issues that surfaced were astounding, just because I followed the technique right. Thanks to Anita ji.

Curedemy Student
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Extreme anxiety marred my day. Panic attacks did not let me sleep at night. I taught Yoga to many, and they benefited. While my own life remained untouched... As I started my journey with the book my panic attacks stopped altogether! I slept peacefully through the night for the first time.

Curedemy Student
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After going through the course with OTB. OTT. The Science of Cure, Algorithm, Loop of Suffering, and Sexuality, the way I view my reflection and introspection of the past has completely changed. It's like shining the torch on myself.

Curedemy Student

Case Studies

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Creatinine readings stabilized

Female, 44

  • Lupus for 15 years
  • Kidney transplant 10 years ago  
  • For the last 3 years, the transplant is not doing well and creatinine is high and there is a protein leak thus muscle loss
  • On immune-suppressive and blood pressure drugs 
  • Emotional suppression in the early years of marriage 15 years ago
Today her readings get stabilized as she works on her suppressed anger.
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Lung Cancer - malignant pleural effusion in remission

Female, 68

  • Lung Cancer
  • Fluid accumulation in lungs 
  • Severe breathlessness
  • On oral chemotherapy drugs
  • Reduction by 50 percent in Cancer parameters
  • Malignant tumours show significant reduction in size and hypermetabolic activity
  • Breathlessness improved
  • Chemotherapy medicine dosage reduced
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Gestational diabetes and Child growth issues resolved

Surekha P (30+), Ahmedabad, India

  • Gestational Diabetes 
  • Blood Pressure 
  • Premature Child with growth issues
  • Anxiety with excessive fearful thoughts
  • Blood sugar level dropped 300 to 100
  • Fear reduced with OTB
  • Child is now completely normal
  • Anxiety with excessive fearful thoughts resolved
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Case of Cavernoma of the Brain resolved with Meditation

Male, 43

  • Lesion of dimension 3.8*3.9*3.5 cm
  • Mild oedema around lesion 
  • Treated with intravenous steroids
  • Advised invasive brain surgery
  • The lesion has shrunk to 1.8*2.18 cm
  • Surgery not needed and lesion may vanish or become insignificant over time
  • Medication to be tapered over next few months
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Rhinitis and allergies cured

Ujjwala Sahni (35), Graduate & Homemaker

  • Difficult marriage,
  • breast cancer (treated),
  • allergic rhinitis,
  • wheezing & irregular bowel movement
  • Sleep, breath, and sexuality improved
  • Rhinitis allergies largely cured
  • Fear, anxiety, and hopelessness reducing