Module 1, Topic 1
In Progress

Topic – Aspirants

  1. Clicking Register button on Login form will take user to Registration form
  2. We will have user enter username, email, mobile number, first name, last name, password. All fields are mandatory.
    1. Need to think if mobile should be mandatory.
  3. Submitting Form can display message: “Thank you for registering. We have sent you a verification email. Please click on the link in the email to activate your account.”
    1. User will not be logged-in automatically at this stage until verification is completed.
    2. Admin has option to activate user account through admin portal in case user is unable to do so through email
  4. User clicks on verification link in email and activates the account. Message to be displayed can be: “Verification is complete. Your account is now active. Please login to continue.”
  5. User clicks on Login in menu and follows Login behavior