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Home/Dashboard/Library/Parents/                https://vimeo.com/791038898 My son’s stomach issues have improved, but he is still suffering from some indigestion. Please guide.                                Keywords: Indigestion, Disorder, Menstruation, Womanhood, Motherhood…

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Home/Dashboard/Library/Relationships/             https://vimeo.com/788882474 I have realised that I rejected my womanhood for motherhood. Please guide.                          Keywords: Womanhood, Motherhood, Compromise, Observing the Breath                   

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Home/Dashboard/Library/NV Hunting/          https://vimeo.com/788882375 I always blamed my parents for my miscarriage, as they had suggested against the pregnancy then. While doing NV Hunting, I realised…

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home/dashboard/Library/Sexuality/       https://vimeo.com/795470438 What happens after menopause for a woman? What is that phase supposed to mean?              Keywords: Menopause, Womanhood