C14-V-Aug 21-T12-014

home/dashboard/Library/Sexuality/       https://vimeo.com/791038943 The destruction, trauma or accidents that might occur due to suppressed emotions in a person’s life or family – Are these because of…

C8-V-Feb 21-T12-012

home/dashboard/Library/Sexuality/       https://vimeo.com/786531725 Is it myth or truth that Menopause is a blocker for experiencing sexual desire?              Keywords: Menopause, Sexuality, Sensuality, Liberation       

C8-V-Feb 21-T12-010

home/dashboard/Library/Sexuality/       https://vimeo.com/787977726 Instead of recognising the Life force energy as an expression of love, desire or need, I saw it more through morality and the…

C8-V-Feb 21-T12-009

home/dashboard/Library/Sexuality/       https://vimeo.com/787977680 Is sexual desire the only way to feel the life force energy or there is some other way to experience the same?             …

C7-V-Jan 21-T12-008

home/dashboard/Library/Sexuality/       https://vimeo.com/787963879 How does one work around the shame that has been conditioned around one’s sexuality?              Keywords: Sexuality, Shame       

C7-V-Jan 21-T12-007

home/dashboard/Library/Sexuality/       https://vimeo.com/787956964 “Realization of sexuality before puberty,” What does this mean?              Keywords: Sexuality, Puberty       

C10-V-Apr 21-T12-004

home/dashboard/Library/Sexuality/       https://vimeo.com/786597299 In the lecture of sexuality, it is mentioned that, Acknowledge + Experience + Contain = Pain. Please explain.                 Keywords: Sexuality, Acknowledge-Experience, Pain…

C10-V-Apr 21-T12-003

home/dashboard/Library/Sexuality/       https://vimeo.com/786594635 If we acknowledge desire and indulge, will that also enhance our attributes? Keywords: Desire, Attributes, Indulgence, Sexuality, Sensuality       

M3-V-Sep 20-T8-005

Home/Dashboard/Library/Loop of Suffering/       https://vimeo.com/788882055 While doing NV Hunting, I connected to the unworthiness of the whole lineage and realised that my unworthiness and tendency to…

C13-V-July 21-T10-003

Home/Dashboard/Library/Sleep/       https://vimeo.com/786929130 Despite going to bed early, I am sleepless until 1 or 2 am. What does this mean?                                               Keywords: Sleep, Sleeplessness, Sexuality