C3-V-Jun 20-T16-013

Home/Dashboard/Library/Parents/                https://vimeo.com/789927065 How to connect with father at energy level?                                Keywords: Parents, Connect, Father, Mother, Mother-in-Law                         

C7-V-Jan 21-T16-010

Home/Dashboard/Library/Parents/                https://vimeo.com/788624423 When my mother was pregnant, she was very fearful of giving birth to a female child. The fear was passed on to me…

C6-V-Nov 20-T16-006

Home/Dashboard/Library/Parents/                https://vimeo.com/787815861 Is it possible to shape an unborn child in the womb?                                Keywords: Parents, Child, Mother, Womb                         

C3-V-Jun 20-T16-004

Home/Dashboard/Library/Parents/                https://vimeo.com/786914162 I have a history of frequent accidents. I also feel unstable in my professional and personal life.                                Keywords: Parents, Disconnect, Mother                         

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Home/Dashboard/Library/ Emotional Body/          https://vimeo.com/794063561 I’ve realised that an important pattern of mine – powerlessness takes me to anger and to come out of powerlessness, I…

C9-V-Mar 21-T9-009

Home/Dashboard/Library/ Emotional Body/          https://vimeo.com/788614318 What does it mean to have food allergies, including the diseases that come with them?                                                           Keywords: Food Allergy, Celiac Disease,…

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home/dashboard/Library/3D/    https://vimeo.com/787818190 I have a seventeen months old son. What are the symptoms that I should keep an eye on to find out if he…