M5-V-Nov 20-T17-017

Home/Dashboard/Library/Dark/                   https://vimeo.com/791038642 Why do I feel fear while doing Dark?                                      Keywords: Dark, Morality, Fear, Religion                               

M4-V-Oct 20-T17-007

Home/Dashboard/Library/Dark/                   https://vimeo.com/788882445 I have been able to acknowledge the suppressed anger against my kids. I have also been able to stay with it and breathe…

C8-V-Feb 21-T12-010

home/dashboard/Library/Sexuality/       https://vimeo.com/787977726 Instead of recognising the Life force energy as an expression of love, desire or need, I saw it more through morality and the…

C3-V-Jun 20-T12-001

home/dashboard/Library/Sexuality/       https://vimeo.com/786532069 Why do I feel guilt in experiencing sexual desire?           Keywords: Morality, Sexuality, Guilt