M5-V-Nov 20-T17-013

Home/Dashboard/Library/Dark/                   https://vimeo.com/788882237 Every time I do Dark, I can still feel the anger in me. Is it a never-ending process?                                      Keywords: Dark, Anger, Love,…

M3-V-Sep 20-T17-014

Home/Dashboard/Library/Dark/                   https://vimeo.com/789928527 I did dark on my mother and realized how I blamed her my whole life, though the mistake was mine. However, when I…

M5-V-Nov 20-T15-005

Home/Dashboard/Library/Relationships/             https://vimeo.com/788882718 What is love?                          Keywords: Love, Dark, Learning, Relationship                   

M5-V-Nov 20-T15-004

Home/Dashboard/Library/Relationships/             https://vimeo.com/788882575 How do I liberate myself from the pain, that I have been feeling after doing Dark on a toxic relationship?                             Keywords: Love,…

C5-V-Sept 20-T9-018

Home/Dashboard/Library/ Emotional Body/          https://vimeo.com/791408163 “What is Love? Is it some energy? Where does it begin from?                                                           Keywords: Love