C9-V-Mar 21-T9-016

Home/Dashboard/Library/ Emotional Body/          https://vimeo.com/794063561 I’ve realised that an important pattern of mine – powerlessness takes me to anger and to come out of powerlessness, I…

C9-V-Mar 21-T9-007

Home/Dashboard/Library/ Emotional Body/          https://vimeo.com/788613673 I’ve been suffering from Anger issues since childhood. How do I ground this?                                                           Keywords: Emotions, Anger, Guilt, Ego                                                    

M4-V-Oct 20-T8-009

Home/Dashboard/Library/Loop of Suffering/       https://vimeo.com/791039157 My health was good after I started with the program, but for the last week I have been experiencing a lot…

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home/dashboard/Library/Sexuality/       https://vimeo.com/786532069 Why do I feel guilt in experiencing sexual desire?           Keywords: Morality, Sexuality, Guilt