M3-V-Sep 20-T17-019

Home/Dashboard/Library/Dark/                   https://vimeo.com/795572202 How to break resistance to do Dark?                                      Keywords: Fantasy, Resistance, Ego, Pride                               

M6-V-Feb 21-T16-008

Home/Dashboard/Library/Parents/                https://vimeo.com/787977856 I’ve always been searching for someone who would show me the path. Thank you so much for showing me the path and showing…

M3-V-Sep 20-T9-027

Home/Dashboard/Library/ Emotional Body/          https://vimeo.com/795604034 I have been feeling compassionate towards my husband, but have also been wondering if that is just me suppressing my anger.…

C9-V-Mar 21-T9-007

Home/Dashboard/Library/ Emotional Body/          https://vimeo.com/788613673 I’ve been suffering from Anger issues since childhood. How do I ground this?                                                           Keywords: Emotions, Anger, Guilt, Ego                                                    

C7-V-Jan 21-T8-002

Home/Dashboard/Library/Loop of Suffering/       https://vimeo.com/787614452 If we see our Loop of Suffering playing in our choice of certain friendships and now I can see the pillar…