This book synthesizes ancient wisdom into modern man’s daily life with meditation.

This book synthesizes ancient wisdom into modern man’s daily life. Very well written and explained in simple terms for the modern age man to understand, accept and practice. I’m practicing the NV Swimming technique every day and I must say this is the basic practice prescribed in the book yet comes across as a powerful technique. We all oscillate between a higher plane and the lower plane of living and this book teaches meditation which makes it easy for us to sustain our life in the higher plane of living. I have tried many techniques in these 7 years of my journey in knowing the self and I must declare that Naveen’s work has worked for me. Naveen, I’m very much indebted to you for making the techniques accessible for the ones who are hungry. Thanks for satiating my hunger. 

Meditation is a simple process. The state of meditation is when the conscious and subconscious minds are one. At Curedemy students learn the science behind meditation for health and well-being.

To discover the science of cure, Read the book Meditation- The Cure.