This book breaks every stereotype around spirituality (at least this was true for me)


This book is responsible for teaching me both, simple truths and profound wisdom, and for that I am grateful.

At the outset, the conviction with which it is written reels you in, and you have no choice but to heed the advice you are suddenly so fortunate to receive. The simplicity of understanding that wellbeing lies centered in Sleep, Breath and Sexuality, is a truth that changes the way you experience life and living.

In all honesty, I am still only beginning to learn what it means to live the real NV Life way, but I have found tremendous peace in its practices. And I know that I have only barely scratched the surface yet. This book breaks every stereotype around spirituality (at least this was true for me) and teaches you that feeling emotions, both positive and negative, is only human. What is toxic is suppressing them, and the simplicity with which Naveenji guides you towards opening up your energies and releasing them is truly liberating.

The support infrastructure made available to readers (on Facebook and otherwise) is astounding, and the level of effort made towards enabling your success in attaining the Cure is truly humbling and completely unprecedented.

This book teaches you to turn inward and experience The Cure