As long as humanity is dependent upon external agency for health and well-being, we will not be able to eradicate suffering from the face of planet.

Cure is within you. Learn to turn in.

How to approach treatment with us:

Your issues:
We solve problems. Problems related to health and well-being. Problems that are either treated by allopathy medicine or by traditional medicine or by psychiatry. We define them as suffering. Suffering is at 3 layers:

Distress–  Emotional body issues

Mental Disorder- Mental body issues

Disease- Physical body issues

How to start:

  • You can start with any of the below programs based on your situation and level of trust in our research.
  • We do advise you to visit whispering wisdom and go through various blogs and videos and accounts of people like you who have found the cure within.
  • This shall grow hope in you.

Meditation The Cure:

It is DIY.

Self study program.
Great way to start turning in.

It is written with the vision to create at least one expert in each household. Any one who reads the book, is transformed.


It is a classroom program.

Intensive, time-bound and faculty- intervention based. The book remains the same, however it consists of massive enhancement, which is the result of our research post writing the book.

While the teachings remain same, our methodology of teaching and thus the ability to quicken the process is far more effective than if doing it with the book.

If you decide to enroll, you would need to have the book too.

Treatment Program

It is exclusive for chronic patients to reverse their conditions. It combines classroom and tuition concept. 

Individual attention is given and faculty spend a lot of time researching, coaching and training you and helping you discover the cure within you.

The entire courseware remains the same. The book remains the base of all our programs.


Our vision is to take cure in every household through book, online courses, films and physical campuses. We need a lot of people to come forward to help every household experience the cure within.

Before you can help another, your life has to transform. For you to be a fellow, you need to commit yourself to your inner journey. It is an endless process. The more you transform, the more effective you will be in helping humanity transform.

How to enrol for fellowship?

Step 1:

  • Enroll for our courses
  • Read through the book
  • We will pick you up from there.

Step 2:

  • Be on our mailing list by being registered user. We will be making admission announcements and schedule periodically.

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