The Science of Oxygenation


What is blocking this natural process to oxygenate you optimally? How to remove the blockages to arrive at optimal health? 

- We have answers. 

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Your body is optimally oxygenated when the mind is in an absolute rest state. Do you know that worry and fear that we feel in this pandemic is actually absorbing most of the oxygen which is meant for the body? This is making us more prone to attract virus. But how not worry? 

The 3.5 hours online courseware is curated for these difficult times. It is a result of 11 years of research and proven scientific methodology and experience of helping almost every situation reverse their suffering. 

You have access to freeware video lectures to experience the effect and you have paid courseware. 

It is advisable that you have the book Meditation the Cure (available on Amazon) for more comprehensive learning. 

Do not worry. Start a simple step-by-step process with structured courseware to protect yourself and your family. 

We are doing our bit in helping communities. Free courseware, free forum support (Whispering Wisdom forum), free faculty-based intervention for a week (for paid subscribers), and access to the courseware for 3 months. And reduced courseware prices to cover the cost to continue to support many more people like you. 

The Science of Oxygenation - A Preview


There is a mechanism and science involved in the breathing process which gives optimal oxygen to each cell of your body. Before you start to try various forms of breathing including deep breathing, Kapalbharti, or million other modalities taught on the internet blindly, learn why only you need to oxygenate your body while others do not have to? Why in this pandemic no matter how good your saturation level of oxygen is, you may still need to oxygenate more to prevent your body from a possible fall out? Why and how the raised level of oxygen raises the immune system, that even if a virus is caught it is not able to create havoc in your system?  

Breathing is a simple autonomic process. This means it is happening on its own no matter what you do about it.  

Here are some of the facts which you can google and understand within minutes–  

  1. The brain consumes approximately 20% of the oxygen taken in a breath. It is a high-energy-consuming organ compared to its size to the rest of the body (about 2% of the bodyweight). Note: It is in an awake rested state. This means when the brain is not very active.  
  2. Oxygen through blood reaches every cell on its own. This is how every cell of the body remains healthy. When for some reason, oxygen is not optimal in our cells or specific organ or tissue, it directly means higher levels of carbon in that specific part. And growing toxicity.  
  3. This automatically means your immune system is weakening and this is how we attract any disease.  
  4. The optimal immune system is very much the defense mechanism of the human body and is trained to fight any virus and bacteria to keep the flow of oxygen to its optimal levels.  

This clearly tells you that every breath we take is regulated by our brain. Oxygen through blood goes to each cell of our body. This keeps our immune system optimal. These are simple facts available on google.  

You need to learn what is not letting oxygen reach every cell although you are breathing. This is fairly simple to understand. Imagine a massive pipeline for the distribution of water in a multi-story building. One pipeline to carry freshwater from the overhead tank and another one to take dirty (toxic) wastewater from the system out.   

You can have two scenarios–  

  1. If at someplace a fresh oxygen pipeline is choked fully or partially, it will not be able to supply optimal water to each cell.  
  2. If the wastewater pipeline is choked, then it will continue to accumulate toxicity in that organ even if fresh oxygen is reaching to that organ. This means not enough oxygen is reaching the organ and the organ is less immune now. This is a case of pre-medical condition (disease)  

What can choke your pipeline? To learn it you need to understand what is affecting your breathing intake:  

  1. If your mind is active, it will require more oxygen and that means the lesser volume of oxygen is available for the body.  
  2. When you are angry, surprised, or in shock, it makes your breathing rapid as you need more oxygen to release those emotions.  
  3. Emotions are held inside our bodies since we are born. As every moment we live, it creates an emotion.  
  4. Emotions are held inside through belief else emotions come and go if we witness them.  
  5. To keep emotions suppressed, our mind needs to work extra hard. This creates more thoughts and more energy to be consumed. This means more oxygen to be consumed by our brain for this activity, leaving a lesser amount for the body.  

This is the reason; your pipeline is choked. Your mind needs more oxygen. Your emotions block the flow in the pipelines, and this affects your breathing rate and oxygen intake per breath. This weakens the immune system.  

This is the reason mechanical deep breathing may work for a while by forcing your pipeline system to push more oxygen, but it is not going to last for more than a few moments.  

You need to learn the science of breathing to gently breathe to oxygenate and keep clearing the blockages in the pipeline. 





This clearly tells you that every breath we take is regulated by our brain. Oxygen through blood goes to each cell of our body. This keeps our immune system optimal. These are simple facts which is widely available.   

Two questions:  

  1. What is blocking this natural process to oxygenate you optimally  
  2. How to remove the blockages to arrive at optimal health. Watch this video to learn the science of oxygenation. 

If you are in a fish market, trying to smell roses, you ought to smell only fish but if you are in a rose garden holding a fish, then you ought to smell of roses. Your environment can have a huge impact on you when you begin your journey towards the cure. It will affect how you feel. Hence an immense amount of impact is placed on the process of enhancing your surroundings before you begin the journey inwards. 

If electromagnetic field of the body is in balanced state, it can never attract any disease or any kind of suffering. It is balanced by our two nostrils automatically breathing through alternate nostrils every 45 minutes.   

In simple words electromagnetic field is male and female energy. Any imbalance in emf is an imbalance of the male and female energy.     

Our lifestyle is such that it is continuously eroding the balance, thus disturbing the process of alternating breathing.   

Watch this video to learn the simplest, effortless, and most powerful method to restore your electromagnetic field. This is used as the base of our treatment in all chronic and acute cases. 

Hold your breath for 5 seconds. Where did the thought about buying the new car, new house, a job, your debts, your traumas go when you held your breath? Couldn’t think of anything else, could you? 

The breath is a mystical phenomenon that governs every single moment of your life. It is the link between life and mystery. It’s taken for granted that it will continue to exist, and we begin to move away all the mysteries which are waiting to unfold for our life.  Our breath holds the key to cure any disease, distress or disorder. The ability to observe your breath is cure.  

But the question is how do we do it? Watch this lecture to learn how to observe the breath and reach the cure within minutes.  

OTB fails. It needs practice. OTB is the cure. OTB fails because thoughts take the breath away. Thoughts are nothing but regulator of emotions.  OTT therefore is a fine process to get deeper. Let OTB take you deeper into the science of cure to discover how silently you are been powering your suffering. 

Watch this lecture to go a step deeper into the intricacy of the science of cure. 

You began with OTB and landed up with OTT and now comes the final element behind every thought. The emotions.  

Every moment we live is an event and every event has an emotion. These emotions are stored in the body which is not letting your body oxygenate therefore causing suffering.  

The cure is nothing but the optimal immune system and optimal supply of hormones in the body. But there is a science behind this cure. The state of meditation is the state of cure. The state of meditation is the state of Yog or union where the conscious and subconscious merge together. For the conscious and subconscious to come together all thoughts must diminish. In this powerful lecture, you will learn how to implement the science of cure for every form of distress, disorder, and disease and arrive at a cure.  

This video is available in Hindi and English both languages in one video. 

It is amusing to watch the miracle of nature when a caterpillar wrapped in his cocoon grows wings and starts to fly. To us it is a miracle because we failed to observe the intricate details of the journey of his transformation. We often make the same mistake of perceiving our transformation as a miracle. In the period that we are transforming, everything feels at a standstill, and it is because we are usually unaware of the little changes. To witness, the process of transformation which nature is doing within us in each moment, we require to witness the same caterpillar in us.  

It requires sensitivity, hope and faith. This video defines the three parameters which help you scientifically track your process of transformation by making you more aware and self-accepting of the changes. A miracle of Science or the Science of Miracle? 

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