The Science of Cure

The science of cure has been enumerated below, which when followed and practiced, is sufficient to lead any individual to the state of cure. To learn more, straight from the author, click on the link below on The Cure Is Within You meditation 
  1. Breathing is inversely proportional to thoughts. If you observe your breath, thoughts begin to diminish. 
  2. The mind has no mind and its purpose is to regulate, control, manifest or suppress emotions. So, when thoughts begin to diminish, they release the emotions that they were holding. These emotions begin to surface. 
  3. The nature of emotions is such that if you live them fully, they leave your body and bring you back to your last normal quantum state. Continue to observe the breath and witness the emotions and they will leave you. Each time you do that, you keep going to your previous quantum state and your first quantum state was bliss when you were a child. In that state, no form of suffering can stay. 
  4. Emotions are held within, based on the belief. Every time, we arrive at Yog Nidra, as subconscious begins to write wisdom in the consciousness, belief break. Belief is the physics which changes the chemistry. 
  5. As thoughts turn zero, all emotions clear up. Thus, the state of the empty mind is arrived at. 
  6. The empty mind becomes pure consciousness and merges with the subconscious and this state is called a state of Yog Nidra (Meditation). 
What had otherwise been assumed to be a way of life only for the ascetics or the ‘evolved’, the wisdom on meditation has been shared in a simple, step-by-step, scientific process, in a form which appeals to the rationalist as much as it does to the one having lost all hope.