Power of 3 – plus version





In an interaction at a corporate this week, we discovered that the impression is that we took Vedna and Manthan off the shelf.  

No, it was never off the shelf and will never be. The power of exhausting hunting in Vedna itself is a massive quantum jump to experience the cure. The discovery of dark in Manthan is a game-changer for everyone’s life. Evolution in these programs is a part of ongoing research. For example, the lecture on Dark in Manthan in this session is a live session because, in the last one year, we have made massive discoveries and found simpler ways to handle Dark and Fantasy. 

Past batches had shown us the impact of classroom-based implementation. The gains made while being amid peers and receiving on the spot guidance from the coaches were surprising to us as a team. We inked it as a constant across all programs.  

We present to our community the plus version of all our programs. 




  • Classroom-based long-format workout sessions on Emotional body and Algorithm. The value of peer-to-peer learning is amplified as students work their root cause out, in the session. 
  • 3 months subscription to Courseware. 
  • Price – 17,771/ + GST 

A special launch offer for CHETNA 21.0 – 3+3 months access to Courseware Subscription. 




  • Vedna made more powerful by adding practice-based sessions on the triad of Sexuality, Relationship & Parents. 
  • It also comes with an added bonus of 3-month access to Curedemy Courseware Subscription. 
  • Price – 33,771/ + GST 


Vedna 13.0 Launch gift 

One month subscription to Agneya – Meditation that Cures post program completion. 




  • New discoveries in the realm of Dark and Fantasy to bust your dark from its root. 
  • 3 – month access to Curedemy Courseware Subscription for you to deepen your journey. 
  • Price – 51,771 + GST 


MANTHAN 12.0 Launch gift 

  1.  Live session on Dark and Fantasy with the Author  
  2. One month subscription to Agneya – Meditation that Cures post program completion.     



Meditation – the cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

Our courses

Chetna ->

Discover the pattern which drove you to make choices to arrive at suffering. 

Treatment Program ->

3 month long Personalised program for Acute and Chronic cases.

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Nothing lives inside us without being fed by our breath.