The context of the book and the intent therein empowers transformation

Simple yet very profound techniques presented in the book which one can use almost like the Bible/Gita/Granth for the Modern Man/Women/Children (Actually, it’s timeless “kungi of work in the outset, a condensation & gist of things that work from ancient times – translated/transmuted to what we can use practically to connect with and realize the energy patterns within.) Illuminating the path to abundance in oneself – limited only to one’s participation and willingness to explore! 

I am not a very avid reader, the only book I ever read from “page to page” was Linda Goodman’s, “Star Sign”. Although there were other ones I came across, I cannot for certain say that I completed them end to end. However, like the iChing – you can pick up any page from this book, in the time of need and I guarantee it would speak to you as it does for me. Not because, the author is divine, (maybe he is, just as we are) but because the context of the book and the intent therein empowers transformation – not only for you and me but for the entire human equation; bringing forth healing as a play of light & dark, both within and on the outskirts. 
Why am I writing a review? 
I am certain that these things you already know. To experience it though is another story. And, if you are struggling with connecting to yourself at point-blank range, then the techniques in the book are for you. 
The best part, they support you like a ‘child of the cosmos’ (don’t quote me on that) with various programs like FB Group, “Home Support Program” etc. 
The title – Meditation – The Cure 
I have been meditating and practising various forms of Yoga, Oriental, Urban Scholarships, Zen – to name a few; for over 30 years now. NV Life has touched me more profoundly than most other healing disciplines & experiences or institutions. When did I ask myself the question, WHY? I realized that most of them are shrouded around religious dogmas, disciplines, and doctrines. They are time-consuming and only get you to a certain level of closeness to one’s being (given the effort in terms of time and space that it requires). The techniques in the book and the support thereafter ensure that you get what you want and leave you with the ability to pursue what you may desire and want in future should you choose not to chase (or settle into) yourself… 
Thus, the title, from my point of view is perfect. Meditation is the Cure! Or put it another way, the cure is within you – in the state of meditation of this kind, you cannot falter as the state is derived from this practice is one from within. 
Love & Light.