The Bridge across Mystic and Survivor



Student: There are moments of expanded consciousness and bliss when you are connected to the source and then there comes the pull of your mundane day to day to existence when you fall back into your smallness? Is there a comfortable bridge back and forth between the two states?


NV: When I go to a bank, I don’t go to count the money I possess and soak in the bliss of that realisation, only to return as a pauper in a state of penury, still starving. I go there to consolidate and nurture the abundance of the wealth I have and get enough money for my day to day existence.[signinlocker id=”324956″]


My purpose to live in the bliss is not to experience the bliss but to carry it forth towards the purpose of my life. And if this bliss does not translate to increasing compassion and harmony in my relationships and interactions with those around me; then this bliss that I gained in my meditation 10 minutes ago holds no value. The bliss shall first raise my consciousness, then become compassion which shall be felt by less privileged people around me for instance my cook, driver, and maid and then it shall make my loved one feel more loved and safer with me. Consequently, no matter how many births I take and how much of that time I spend in meditation, I remain a survivor and in a state of suffering. The purpose of spirituality is not to become spiritual but to become a better human.


भीतर चिराग जले तोह रौशन जग हो,

और न हो तोह वोह चिराग अँधेरा है


That is the bridge ….[/signinlocker]


Meditation – the cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

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