The beauty of the book is to cure & give you the wisdom to vibrate higher. 

The Book for Cure and Transformation (amazon. in) - VV   

Did you ever hear about a “TAILOR-MADE BOOK”? Have you ever read a book that’s WRITTEN JUST FOR YOU? That was exactly my feeling when I first read the book. It felt as if someone who knows me very well inside out and most importantly someone who wants me to be transformed wrote this book. But it can’t be true, as the wisdom the book imparts can’t be possessed by any man ordinary. Yet, many times while reading the book I had to go back and check the name of the author to make sure it’s not someone I know. It’s astonishing! And I was surprised to know that every other book reader felt the same. And I am sure you will feel the same too. You connect with the book… The book lets  you connect with yourself.   

Though the book is mainly promoted as CURE to suffering (distress, disorder, disease), it offers much more than that. It makes you look inside, to know your true self, to understand why you are where you are (your current state of life in terms of health/relationships/finances / inner journey etc)- this book gives you the wisdom to become aware of your patterns and also to break free and liberate yourself. That is the beauty of the book, to not just cure but give you the wisdom to vibrate higher.  

Many of us ask the question of how to cope with suffering? The cure lies in our hands. Meditation is the state of cure. Students at curedemy are learning meditation for health and wellness. 

Tired of suffering? Experience the Cure with The book- Meditation the Cure.