God does not play dice- Albert Einstein  

The code of secrets of our life is written in our life events. Our birth is not an accident and we are not born to suffer.  Discovered after writing the book, through the run of two certification programs over twenty-four months, this algorithm gets you to the root cause of your suffering in a matter of minutes.   

We form a belief in age 0-7 to hide a “Lack” created by some event. To manage the belief, we form tendencies in 7-14 years of age. With the advent of sexual energy, those latent tendencies become our pattern from 14 to 21. Post the age of 21 years, we only keep repeating the patterns of suffering.  

For instance, take this pattern-  

You cannot experience love and sustain relationships and land up feeling rejected and unworthy. It has a “lack” in 0-7 age when sibling was born, making you feel unloved and rejected. You form a tendency  being a “need to be nice”  or “need to be needed” to gain love and acceptance and with the advent of sexual energy in 14 to 21, you form a pattern of  giving all of you to gain relationship. Your belief conflicts and repels the love and acceptance and this becomes your pattern to feel unloved and rejected. Likewise, for any disorder and disease, there is an algorithm working inside each one of us.