Madhupa Sinha

For She Gave Up on Giving Up 


After the birth of her child, she was stuck with rheumatoid arthritis so bad that she could not even bend her knees or sit on her own. Having tried all kinds of treatment, for 3 years, everything failed, but she did not give up her search for solution. Her search ended when she discovered meditation the cure on the web and started to cure herself.  


One could be easily fooled by the voice that meets the ears when Madhupa speaks- for it lilts the sweetness of a healer. But that’s now what she is all about- mush and compassion. Her persona stands for a ferocious tenacity towards goals, of which she is always in relentless pursuit.  


She could well be called the Dependable Dravid of the team; only at times, she needs to be reminded to take a chill-pill. A techie by profession, Madhupa merges the intellect of her Bengali genes with her breath to find answers within, along the ever-deepening spiral; Madhupa has now come about to shed her avatar of an agony aunt. She dances as though she seeks her beloved and finds God in the finer details when she pursues research.