Symptoms of environment for Disorder in Children

Some of the common triggers for seeds of Mental Disorder in growing up children are as follows – 

  1. Faith

If we can ensure that our children continue to have faith in life which is bigger than any tragedy or pressure or failure, you can sleep fearlessly about your children, as mental disorders will never occur in your family.

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However, you probably have no way to know if this is happening. In the past, we had natural faith in religion. Mythology helped us believe that someone is always there to rescue or protect us. This did not let events of life erode our trust in life. 

  1. Death in the Family

If one of the parents or grandparents or someone very close to the heart of the child, dies then make sure that the child cries enough and help the child accept the loss. This has been found as the basis for many severe mental disorders and almost all cases of schizophrenia have one such event. Children from age 7 to 14 are more at risk than children below 7. 

  1. EGO

Allow the child to develop EGO. It’s the ability to defend and survive especially if a father is very strict and/or violent. Little lies to escape the pressure and to exercise free will shall be encouraged and shall be dealt in a  reformative manner by mothers rather than taking a moralistic attitude. 

  • Be alert at the first sign of the child beginning to withdraw from social engagements, friends and choosing aloofness. This is potentially the beginning of depression.
  • Sports help children connect with physical reality apart from achieving zero stress mind every day. Playing an instrument/reading books/creative hobbies helps them connect with their loneliness and does not let their trust in self go down even under very high-pressure scenarios.
  • If you are relocating from a well-networked place to the outskirts of the city (often families buy new apartments on the outskirts and move from a rented house in the heart of the city) and if there is any occurrence of bad/tragic events in the family in the past, as mentioned above, be extremely careful that it may trigger depression not just in children but also in adults. Such depression is not a normal one but a suppressed symptom of disorder getting aggravated.