Continue to nurture and grow the hope you kindled and the cure you experienced, when you were last in sadhna, during the course. Live a slice of the life of an NV Life insider, every day. 

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‘I benefitted from the practice of NV Swimming and NV Hunting during the program and for a few weeks after that. But somehow I have slided in my practice.’ 

‘I falter at my sincerity and discipline to be able to sustain my sadhna.’  

‘This is a life-long journey. Is there a way to continue to be engaged with the NV team to continue deepening our sadhna.’ 

Every one of us who have learnt the science of cure and the techniques from our various programs have relished the bliss and cure in the state of Yog Nidra. Each one of us became adept at NV Hunting, as we worked alongside the faculty. We gained fluency in the implementation of Dark and Fantasy, going deeper than the sheer mechanics of the tools.  


And each one of us have also faltered and fallen trap at the hands of our Loop of Suffering – in that sticky moment, when the Unstable Emotion becomes unbearably unacceptable- with or without our awareness. There was a gap- how to turn learning into lifestyle to make transformationeffortless and life long?

We have always shared with you – the only way to encounter these sticky moments is consistent sadhna. The only way to dissolve belief and therefore the pattern is to continue to expand your awareness-your consciousness. As you continue to integrate the mystic, within, with the survivor, your patterns of suffering dissolve.  


So, we now have a framework for you, to engage with yourself in this journey, in sadhna- ‘Swastim’. 

Swastim finds its roots in ‘Sadhna’ (Treatment support program), which was initiated for the 1st batch of students from the Treatment Program. As we worked with this batch, on lines similar to the constant learning of the faculty and team, it was confirmed to us, from their experiences, that deep-level transformation in self or suffering can be experienced with continued sadhna, with minimal, desired support of the faculty. We realised that the structure we created for them of daily scheduled meditation, weekly review and intermittent vartalaap sessions helped them stay the course with self-work and experience deeper shifts. Most of all, it continued to grow the hope within – that each one, alone, can find the cure within! 


Of course, it was also being fed to us, by our alumni in our various community support initiatives, that they would do far better if they had some support from us to help to continue to turn inwards with their learnings. 

Thus, Swastim was born – a lean and deep program, with the sole objective of supporting our alumni in their sadhna, thus continuing to cure themselves and transform their lives.


Who shall attend?   

  • Certification Program Graduates   
  • Manthan Graduates   
  • Treatment Program Graduates  

  Nature of interventions  

  • 5-day meditation with the team at 7 AM IST  
  • Weekly Samvaad on themes and topics relevant to individuals or the group frequency. (Tentatively on Wednesday, 5 PM IST, but will be confirmed each week) 
  • Weekly Review (Tentatively on Saturday, 9 AM IST, but will be confirmed each week) 
  • Monthly exclusive Vartalaap with the Author  
  • Invitation to luxury Vartalaap sessions of ongoing programs  
  • Exclusive Forum  
  • Daily Tracker with weekly review by faculty   

The entire courseware, of course, will continue to be available to the students. Students are encouraged to pick up specific topics and practice or clear doubt or go deeper during Swastim courseware. 

Program Schedule:

  • Swastim 1.0 — 14 August 2021
  • Swastim 2.0 — 1 October 2021



Program fee                51,771₹  

Program duration     42 days  



  • The fee mentioned above is in INR.    
  • GST @ 18% is applicable on the fee mentioned above.    
  • The fee payment is to be made at the time of enrolment.   


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