Nothing is fixed, everything is vibrating. Cure is therefore a function of your practise. The recorded courseware lectures form the basis of the learnings and practices. The Curedemy subscription model was thus launched to ensure that each student is able to continue to access the lectures systematically as efficiently.  


The subscription, therefore, does not have a one size fits all.  You can pick and choose your combination. If you wish to practise and stay in touch with techniques of Chetna and Vedna for the moment and wish to approach Manthan later, you have the freedom to do so.  


Every household has at least one person who knows how to cook and is not dependent on external agencies for food. Likewise, every household shall have at least one person who knows how to find the cure within, so they are not dependent on an external agency for health and well-being. 


Meditation- The Cure 


Yes, the cure is 100% reversible. This statement should not bring generate hopelessness, on the contrary, it shall trigger curiosity. Curiosity about, how can the cure be more sustainable.   

To understand that, we must first understand the variables of cure. Free will and the awareness of the responsibility of the choices we make. A common denominator in these cases was the drop in practice, the feeling of helplessness, and a need to be rescued. Which means they fell prey to their old patterns. The cure begins with awareness and sustains itself when it precipitates into breaking a pattern. For the awareness part- the theory-based courseware is now available. The implementation responsibility still rests upon the student. They can choose to practice sincerely on their own or chose to rejoin the course.


  1. Lectures available at their fingertips and flexibility of time span. 
  2. Choice of course- handpicked by student as per their need and ongoing problem statement. 
  3. Continuous learning through courses. 
  4. Access to recordings of sessions to view practical aspects of workout and the personal insights they received from the coaches. 
  5. Latest Research Updates. 
  6. Access to feed/Forum – Learn from the updates of students of ongoing batches & other students and guidance given by the coaches. It is a repository of interactions between students & faculty team. 
  7. FAQ – FAQ Bank available on various topics – both video and written. 
  8. Handbooks of selected topics will also be available for your viewing. 


Courseware subscription would give access to the subscriber to the following: 

  1. Latest Courseware: At NV Life, we are constantly evolving and moving towards the next quantum level. This leads to new discoveries and inventions on the way. Each discovery gets added to the latest courseware. Think of it as a software upgrade towards your transformation. 
  2. Batch Interventions: Main Session Interventions of the Batch attended by the subscriber will also be made available. This feature will be added to the subscription by June 30. All Vartalaap sessions attended by you will be available too. A visit down memory lane to revisit all the work that you did as part of the courses. 
  • For Treatment Program Students, Deep Diagnostic and 1-1 calls will be made available for students’ reference. 1-1 calls and Deep Diagnostic calls will be available only to the student. Deep diagnosis was an individualized doorway into your suffering. This will be of great value to all students to have access to their deep diagnosis. 

3. Feed / Forum: All batches of the program will have a common forum to share updates and queries. The forum has always been a great way to learn from the queries and updates of others and the guidance given by the coaching team. 

In addition, you will have  

  1. New updates: 
  • Latest research & updates: Any topic of your subscription, when taken up live because of new research, will be made available to your plan. 
  • Interaction with the Faculty & Peers: Regular Samvad sessions will be organized to support your inner journey. 
  • Invitation to exclusive Sessions: You will be invited to special sessions with the Author/faculty as an exclusive member. 






(Includes Chetna Courseware)



(Includes Chetna & Vedna Courseware)


Treatment Program 



17,771 /-

  • GST @ 18% is applicable on the fee mentioned above.  


The student  have attended the online program that one is subscribing for. E.g. If you are subscribing for Chetna Courseware and/or Intervention, you should have attended either Chetna or Treatment program in the past.  

You can subscribe to the program you have attended to.  

  • Chetna Subscription includes Chetna Courseware, Interventions & Feed 
  • Vedna Subscription includes Chetna & Vedna Courseware, Interventions & Feed 
  • Manthan Subscription includes Chetna, Vedna & Manthan Courseware, Interventions & Feed. 
  • Treatment Program Subscription includes Treatment Program Courseware, Interventions & Feed 

Chetna Subscription includes Chetna courseware, Interventions & Feed/Forum 


Vedna Subscription includes the following: 

  • Chetna Courseware, Interventions & Feed/Forum 
  • Vedna Courseware, Interventions & feed/ Forum 

Manthan Subscription includes the following: 

  • Chetna Courseware, Interventions & Feed/Forum 
  • Vedna Courseware, Interventions & feed/ Forum 
  • Manthan Courseware, Interventions & Feed/Forum 



TP subscription includes the following: 

  • TP Courseware 
  • TP Feed & Forum 
  • Interventions of the batch attended  
  • 1-1 Intervention with a student

Subscription includes access to Aarambh, Jigyasa & Vartalaap/Special Jigyasa sessions.

 The subscription will be available to you for one year 


No, subscribers get access to interventions of only their own batch. 



Yes, Treatment Program students can subscribe to Chetna, Vedna or Manthan Courseware 





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