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STOP! Do not hang the dead man

Everyone is right. They vehemently believe so. You included.

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  1. Arnab is right. He is angry. He has burned his 90 days and night. But this is not the first time he is angry. Recently, Shiv Sena and Congress harassed him. He got his revenge. He is like an arrogant, ill-tempered housewife, who on the slightest of discomfort is capable of shouting at the top of his lungs to highjack the situation from all stakeholders; begins to believe he is the representative of our emotions and he is the only hope. It does not matter if he is right or wrong. He needs all attention and only he is right. Only his ways are right. He is now the number one channel. Do you know how much money it means?
  2. Shiv Sena- They know they are right. They have the right. They own Maratha by their balls. They have their army and now they have police. They believe ‘might’ is right. They believe that there is so much anarchy in the system such as black money, corruption in the nation that the system shall focus on those issues first and let them run by their system in their way. In the same breath, they can call a woman ‘haramkhor’ and hail Maharaj Shivaji and no Maratha feels disgusted. No ‘Maratha Manoos’ will speak now. What Arnab does to our emotions by highjacking, they have done to the manhood of ‘Maratha Manoos’. On top of it, they kidnapped the pride and idol of the nation in Maharaj Shivaji to monopolize him for the state.
  3. Kangana- our brave girl. Standing alone. She is credited to be the first one to raise the voice on nepotism and potentially gave suspicion that it is not suicide. Rightly so. This is not the first time; she spoke at the top of her lungs seeking justice. She rehearsed it a few times before, at the various occasions, and spoke against the who’s who of the industry. Now she has Y plus security and her image is bigger than Sonu Sood. If there is an election today and they fight against each other, she will win hands down. After all, food and shelter are trivia compared to honour and self-respect- you would argue. Now, you cannot speak a word against her. She is above any criticism. She earned this. Any brand manager will tell you that regardless of justice to SSR, she is worth 1000 crores now. In the next few years, she will be able to count most of it in her bank by lending her name and showing her face.
  4. All of them are wounded, people. They have their own wound to heal. You have your own wound too. You are hopeless and bored. After all, you have been through so many decades and centuries of injustice inflicted on you that at the slightest ray of hope of justice, you want to get up and be there in front of the screen. Ask yourself. What is your curiosity? To know 25 top celebs who use drugs or who killed the young boy SSR? Your hopelessness and boredom are well addressed by the death of a celebrity. Hope is highjacked right in front of your eyes and your boredom is addressed. You have an opinion too. You feel heard. You may not have ever found out who your spouse is talking to behind your back, but you know for sure who killed SSR.

And NCP who supports Shiv Sena and BJP, which gave Y security, are silent. Bihar elections are nearing.

A boy died. Do we care? Yes, we do. That is why we can assert pressure for so long on the system to deliver justice. It is not a boy who died but it is the dreams of the middle class that has died. He was the epitome of vibrant young India and its aspiration, talent, and intellect who wanted to live a dream. The twinkle in his eye would shine like a star and his blush would make every household call him for tea. We fear to dream now. So we care. But look at the way we are being presented with dramatics. We are being eye washed every hour and on top of it, so much mud is being thrown on a young guy who died pursuing his dreams. His crime- he just broke the stereotype and was searching for his true calling. He experimented with his life without damaging anyone. But we are quick to call him a drug addict, lose character, bipolar, etc.

He just got manipulated by a few women and a few greedy men around him and potentially was a threat to the establishment. Staged or coincidence? Well, this is where you shall be pinning the hope to ask the questions.

There is a reason why some people get manipulated. A boy without a mother and a girl without a father are spineless- emotionally. They have no backup support subconsciously. They are always prone to manipulation as subconsciously, the boy keeps searching for the love of his mother in the woman (within the family or outside) and the girl keeps searching for appreciation and protection of father in every man they are with.

His spirit is bleeding. His soul is tormented. For God’s sake, show some heart. Pause for a minute and pray for his soul. Kangana, Shiv Sena, Arnab, and their masters will not. Maybe they are right, maybe they are not. But you will not be wrong if you pause. You can stop all of it. You can stand for his bleeding spirit in your silence and have faith.

Do not hang the deadman. Please…



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