Sleep is a crucial pillar for our health and wellbeing; the other two being breath and sexuality. It has been given to us by nature and we have no control over it.  

The purpose of sleep is to clear the karma from the experiences of the day, restore our life force energy, while giving insights and wisdom to lead the next day with purpose.  Lack of sleep causes suffering is known to everyone. Some believe that they are sleeping well, yet they find themselves struggling in relationships, wealth & effects of ageing. This is suffering, and the science of sleep can help you reverse this

Why are we sleepless? 

Emotions are natural.  Our body is uniquely equipped for emotions to flow through it. But instead of experiencing and letting these emotions flow, we use our mind to suppress emotions through the day.  

As our day ends, our mind shall also start to dissolve. Suppressed emotions shall get grounded. The day shall get consolidated and, through pain, shall lead to union with self and arrive at faith. This gives rise to curiosity towards sleep – to travel into the subconscious where wisdom is coded. But, we continue to keep our mind active – not allowing any of the above-said process to happen naturally. And thus, each one of us are ageing faster and quality of life is affected

The Result -

Insomnia and/or disturbed sleep. Sleep, a natural process of the body, is now hard to come by. Prakurti has become Vikruti now. 

You do not sleep sound if: 

you find it difficult to fall asleep. 

you use the aid of medicines or gadgets to manipulate yourself to fall asleep. 

your sleep is broken intermittently, with or without the occurrence of dreams and nightmares.

you wake up with negative emotions

you experience thoughts from the previous day or anxiety about the day ahead.

you feel lethargic and unwilling to face your day.

You have had sound sleep if:

  •  You do not need the customary 6 – 8 hours of sleep to have a productive day. 
  • you wake up, and find yourself lost for a brief moment, not knowing who and where you are; much like a child in wonderment. 
  • you are keen to go to bed each night and curious about the process of sleep. 


Students at Curedemy have learned to cure sleep disorders naturally. Every student gets this as first thing during the course. During Chetna, you decode the root cause of your suffering and the techniques of meditation for health and wellbeing. This learning stays for life. 

Sleep is the first pillar (other two being – Breath & Sexuality) to be restored through our breathing techniques and the process of cotton.  

Within a week of being inChetna;our participants start sleeping like the babies they once were, without any sleeping aids, pills, devices, etc.  


To learn more about the science of sleep, read this blog from the Founder:

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