Shubh Dassehra




Tracing the etymology of the word festival is the Latin Festa,  meaning a religious holiday. The older Latin words associated with festival are Fanum– temple and Feriaerituals.

In either way, it reminds us to celebrate- life and existence. It is a day the survivor through rituals, tries to incorporate a mystic in him/her. A day to experience the spirit which lies buried under files of paper work and the myriad jobs we need to fill up our loneliness.

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It’s a day that has stood out for me since childhood. I could sense a prevailing sense of happiness and kinship.

Foes became friends and love was in the air. Even though it did the magical disappearing act the next morning.

Desire was ‘officially’ allowed to flow. Music, sweets, new clothes, and then- the Chinese invented firecrackers. The Arabs brought them to our land and it was  added to our repertoire of celebration. It was the one day we could drop our mind; be decadent and indulgent and accept that– ‘I Desire’!

Vijay Dashami or Dassehra takes place on dashami which is the tenth day of Aswin month. It marks the end of Navratri. 9 days for turning inward. We  are to be rewarded with the flowering of our spirit after cleansing it, of the accumulated dark.  A day of Triumph of good over evil. Triumph of our spirit, unchained from the hold of the ego.

A day that Ravana the ten headed demon was killed. I am curious, do the ten heads signify the death of his mind/ego/identity?

Festival- a day of heightened emotions and in keeping with the spirit, hope and curiosity are heightened within me.

Can we dare to make each day a celebration of our spirit? An acknowledgement of the wondrous opportunity that lies ahead with each dawn.

Each Yog Nidra incrementally adds to hope.

Can Breath introduce the Mystic to the stubborn Survivor?

A “menage a trois”. (An arrangement where all three co- exist)

Shubh Dassehra to all of you.



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