Seen Parents in the Act- 4

You have seen your parents making love. Now, as you have been reading in the earlier parts of this 4- part series, this experience has a “not- so-subtle” impact on all your relationships as an adult.

Now let’s say that you are in a very good relationship, be it with your parents, sibling, partner or children. However, you don’t feel content in this good relationship. And at the same time, you can’t do without a relationship as well because you have an intense fear of survival. You sustain the element of the dark, to give you the shame which  you associate with pleasure.

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Your consciousness tells you that you are doing the wrong thing but you are compulsive and addictive in your behaviour, due to fear of loneliness.

You want the pleasure, and you feel that you will only get it by snatching this pleasure- because of your belief  “I am deprived”,  and the nagging jealousy you experience as a result of this belief.


So you begin to gaslight people.



“I did not do anything wrong in the relationship. You did! You are to blame.” Thus begin the games of emotional manipulation.



Then when your partner or whoever you are in a relationship with, has had enough- and wants to dump you, you panic – as your fear of survival has kicked in.



Now you confess- ”It’s all my fault. Please accept me”. This is how you, at first gaslight, and then grovel in the fear of losing the relationship.

No events happen without a reason and purpose. Any powerful event in your childhood doesn’t happen to ruin you but to provide you with a power supply.

As you were eager to  move on with your life, you didn’t see the power. Now as you begin to reclaim your life force, which is trapped in the event, with your breath, this event slowly converts into wisdom. You gain the wisdom on why it was important for your life journey, that your sexual energy be invoked before the expected age of 13-14. This is where the vision starts to unfold for you.

So, do not let this event just lie there, for herein lies your deepest secret. The more you breathe on this event, the more  insights you will receive, that were hidden therein. And in the course of your life whenever you are in the midst of a problem that seemingly has no solution; breathing on this incident will  provide you the insight.



This event is a gift for you, in the form of a curse. So, heal yourself by taking away the layer of the curse and you will see the gift.


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