At the root of every suffering is a growing divide between spirit and mind. Spirit wants to exhibit itself and mind wants to control its expression. 

Suffering zone

Ref: Chetna – Emotional Body Lecture 

Meditation – The cure


Suffering is probably a heavy word for you if you only have a small problem of, say, not being able to settle down in a relationship or not being able to attract your dream job or feel peace within.  

Anything you aspire for but are not able to attain makes you feel incomplete, even if you conclude that it is fine for you. You may choose to feel restless or you may choose not to think of it. In both the cases, your quality of life is impacted and your vibratory levels are beginning to contract, reducing the chances of experiencing life and manifesting it at higher frequency zone. Few more disappointments of this nature, over a period, and you tend to resign on life. Your probability of falling into a deep distress or disorder or disease, now, increases. 


Every form of problem faced by humanity, has been categorized by us into distress, disorder or disease. We, through our research, have decoded and established the root cause of any human suffering and also how all three forms of sufferings are nothing but one. They are like the three states of water- gas, liquid and solid. You will learn here how and when one form of suffering converts into another form. The most chronic cases of disease, in any case, have the other two forms of suffering, from where the disease originated. 





Consciousness and health have a direct relationship with each other. Health is a function of well-being. They are directly proportional. Here is the formula: 

Health is directly proportional to well-being which is directly proportional to consciousness. 

  Your wellbeing is defined in terms of your mental, emotional and spiritual being. Simplifying for you – if you have negative emotions or thoughts or anger towards the universe (God), your well-being is affected. This means it must sooner or later reflect on your health. This means your consciousness is shrinking.  When you are emotionally disturbed or you are angry, how is your consciousness at that time? Can you think of enjoying holidays? What happens when you have a fight in a relationship? Your entire consciousness is focused on that issue and nothing else matters to you. 

This means as your well-being is affected, it starts to shrink your consciousness. The bigger the consciousness, the better is the health.  

Take an example from health point of view

All of us have experienced high temperature (fever) for few days, at least once in our life.  

As a child, when you fell sick, the first day you still wanted to watch TV and go out and play. Your well-being was vibrating for joy. You fought for it with your mother and tried finding a way to continue to enjoy life, as if there were no fever.  

The second day, fever grips you more and now you are bed ridden. Now your well-being from joy is moved to feeling weak and lonely. Your consciousness does not think about going to school, meeting friends or watching your favorite TV show, which you had earlier planned. So, consciousness is also shrunk. Now you want the attention of your mother all the time, to experience that you are loved and you are attended.   

The Insight: Your consciousness is now focused and you are experiencing one pointedness. This is the same trait an artist has when performing or mystic has when meditating and a sportsman has when playing. You are being forced to focus on your core issue, by your spirit, to experience love and attention, while your mind was always going out to experience freewill. 


This is the reason why we suffer. We are being forced to come in touch with our spirit and acknowledge and deal with our inherent lack of love and lack of appreciation.  

The experience of the Cure of your suffering, as you begin to reverse it, begins with the experience of the restoration of your well-being. This leads to the expansion of consciousness, as you become aware about yourself, for you to reach the root cause of your lack. This, in turn, leads to restoring your health. 


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