Science of Cure & NV Swimming have helped me evolve into a new version of myself – Amandeep

Student Name: Amandeep Bhatia
Course Attended: Chetna 12.0
Suffering: Emotional Distress 



The Algorithm lecture of Chetna has helped me recognize my lacks, tendencies, and patterns and I have been able to work upon my buried emotions. Through the lecture of Loop of Suffering, I could recognize my ego which had blindfolded me. I defrosted many hidden emotions which I had been overlooking for so many years.  

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Through sexuality, I realized that I have been denying my femininity and also not attending to myself. Science of Cure & NV Swimming have helped me evolve into a new version of myself, but I still have a long way to go. Chetna Program has again inculcated a new zeal to live life fully. I am thankful to Naveen Sir for evolving the concept of Science of Cure so beautifully. Also, thankful to all the coaches for putting in so much effort sincerely. It has been a wonderful journey with my batchmates of the Chetna program, and I am looking forward to traveling together with you all into Vedna and Manthan. 


If you’ve been asking yourself, “how to cope with suffering?” The answer is, expand your consciousness and dissolve your patterns of suffering.  Coping is a mechanism that doesn’t resolve the suffering but keeps it under a carpet and helps you survive. There’s no need to cope when you can cure your problem.
Expand your consciousness with Chetna.