The book, Meditation-The Cure, is bought through Amazon, globally.  Here’s sharing some of the reviews of the readers of the book- 

Book Reader 1: A very powerful healing tool 

This book is my gateway to a miracle. It is an amazing read and explains that the key of well being is in our breath. If the 3 pillars of well being – breath, sleep and sexuality are in tune there cannot be disease/disorder in a body. The book goes on to explain techniques to bring wellness into our lives.
The book has had and continues to have a tremendous influence on my life.
I am a 43 year old woman suffering Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 13.5 years. Since the last 7-8 years the disease was getting worse day by day. I was losing function in my joints and losing mobility. The pain and swelling was excruciating My life was losing all meaning and I was in the depths of despair.
I was going from pillar to post searching for remedies. Allopathy , Homepathy , Naturopathy , Ayurveda , Acupuncture , PEMF – you name it I had tried it. I had even visited a healer (or two) – I was so desperate (only to be divested of my life-savings measuring lakhs of rupees – with no results).
I was in the depths of despair – resigned to life in a wheelchair ( I was just half a step from being confined to a wheelchair). I could not climb stairs (even a single step would make me cringe in excruciating pain). I could not walk (or even hobble) without using a cane for support. There were days when I did not feel like getting out of bed – because really “What was the point?”
Then I stumbled upon NV Life on Facebook and on a whim bought the book and then kept it in my drawer (and forgot about it). One day I opened the book and started reading – went straight to Chapter 3 and read about the 3 techniques. I decided to start with cotton and circling and then move on to NV Swimming. I wasn’t really able to get the hang of NV Swimming (leave alone effortless YogNidra).
However just with cotton and observing breath and an occasional circling – I was slowly but surely getting better. The leg pain started reducing and in time I was able to walk better without the cane. I was slowly able to climb some stairs. I no longer use the cane. I can feel my knee joint healing .Each day I am slowly and surely getting better. I have now realized that my path is no longer pointing to spending the rest of my days in a wheelchair.
I have gotten back my faith and I now live in hope – that itself has restored my trust in humanity. This is all because of the book “Meditation – The Cure”. This book is a true treasure and is worth much more than the price it sells for. It is my gateway to hope and gives me a glimpse of how much I can heal myself. I am truly grateful that I bought the book and read it.
I also express my profound gratitude to Naveen ji for writing this book – which is helping me and countless other sufferers like me get started on the path of healing. 

Book Reader 2: Immensely simple, profound, impactful and most importantly- Effective. 

This book is responsible for teaching me both, simple truths and profound wisdom, and for that I am grateful. At the outset, the conviction with which it is written reels you in, and you have no choice but to heed the advice you are suddenly so fortunate to receive. The simplicity of understanding that wellbeing lies centred in Sleep, Breath and Sexuality, is a truth that changes the way you experience life and living. In all honesty, I am still only beginning to learn what it means to live the real NV Life way, but I have found tremendous peace in its practices. And I know that I have only barely scratched the surface yet. This book breaks every stereotype around spirituality (atleast this was true for me) and teaches you that feeling emotions, both positive and negative, is only human. What is toxic is suppressing them, and the simplicity with which Naveenji guides you towards opening up your energies and releasing them is truly liberating. The support infrastructure made available to readers (on Facebook and otherwise) is astounding, and the level of effort made towards enabling your success in attaining the Cure is truly humbling and completely unprecedented. This book teaches you to turn inward and experience The Cure. 

Book Reader 3: Simple yet profound! 

This book synthesizes ancient wisdom in to modern man’s daily life. Very well written and explained in simple terms for the modern age man to understand, accept and practice. I’m practicing the NV Swimming technique everyday and I must say this is the basic practice prescribed in the book yet comes across as a powerful technique. We all oscillate between higher plane and lower plane of living and this book teaches simple techniques which made it easy for us to sustain our life in the higher plane of living. I have tried many techniques in these 7 years of my journey in knowing the self and I must declare that Naveen’s work has worked for me. Naveen, I’m very much indebted to you for making the techniques accessible for the ones who are hungry. Thanks for satiating my hunger. 

Book Reader 4: I have regained my breath.. 

I have always heard if God puts in trouble he will give opportunities to find its solution and Meditation- the cure came to me just like an opporunity to find solution to my most difficult time when i had gone through some auto immune disorder last year.
And i searched on website and fb page and gone through every single video on internet posted by Naveen Sir till the time i got the book from Amazon..
Started reading just like a holy scripture with a total belief and page by page i started feeling change in my behaviour…and just started following his technique of observing the breath…and after few days automatically my mind goes to my breath without any effort…
And then started working on his 1st NV technique daily without a break..
Day by day the calmness which i found cant be express in words.
Slowly and slowly i was off medicines…
And still now m just doing his 1st out 3 techniques and finding a lot of changes in me from the last one year…
I am still waiting to experience his other 2 techniques but all i want is to go slow so to never look back…
All i can say that i click at the right time to my opportunity.. 

Book Reader 5: Meditation The Cure… Highly recommended book for those who seek to heal themselves.. 

Meditation-The Cure… I found this book to be a guiding light in discovery of oneself. In today’s world when we have much restlessness outside and inside it imbibes how to be still and rejuvenate your inner self. It teaches you how to heal yourself physically, mentally and emotionally at all levels. Instead of looking for cure for your ailments outside and popping in pills for every ailment you can think of, it teaches to look inside and you will find all you need… I bought this book in April 2018 and have not been able to put it down since then.
It explains the essence of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through breathing techniques in a very simple and easy manner with practical examples. Then there is FB support group to guide you further in mastering the techniques. All you need to do is show intent and commit to it with all sincerity and discipline and the cure is in your hands. I would recommend this book for doctors for helping their patients, teachers for helping their students, for parents for raising their kids and for families for happy living together. A must buy. This is a kind of book which will transform you and your perception towards life.  

Book Reader 6: A Lifechanging Buy 

I had heard about this book from a friend and bought it on a recommendation. This book has been a life changing buy for me in terms of its content. The book is beautifully created and is of a superb quality. The contentsame of the book completely changed the way I lived and thought . The author has very simply told us that we are everything we need. It’s a must buy for everyone coz in this day and age when people are directionless with why things are the way they are and look for answers from others , this book helps you find those and lead a much better life and change the existing circumstances. Kudos to the author and his team for putting such a wonderful piece of work. 

Book Reader 6: Breathe-in – A Miracle 

The Book is a path breaking Research work. It brings together the ancient learnings which till now had been coming in bits and pieces and inetpreted according to people’s understanding, it has now been supported by scientific research and application, something the current day logical person looks at before acceptance

The learned being today quickly classifies something not to their understanding as Mythology with emphasis on MYTH. This books helps clear those doubts

The book focuses on wellbeing of humanity. It simplify the processes while being elaborate on each process. This helps a person begin the journey to wellbeing without a physical guide standing alongside

I as a patient recovering from a paralytic stroke have been able to tred on the path shown. A social media based Support group by the Author helps validation on processes and make course corrections, if needed. There are no barriers in sharing the knowledge

Its an investment that will keep fetching returns which are priceless 


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