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The week-long retreat, in its second annual edition has gone through reforms incorporating pathbreaking discoveries in our science, based on the book Meditation The Cure and incorporates theory taught in our digital programs at 

The retreat directly addresses the complexities faced by couples, which govern the quality of their relationship

Why you should attend

  1. Love exists. It is in each cell. We cannot live without love. This is the law of nature. We suffer due to the denial of love 
  2. We are at the right place. In the right relationship. It is to help us evolve and feel complete within. Through each other, we learn to discover ourselves.  We attract the right partner to learn the lessons which are required to be learned for this birth. We often get trapped with our need for love, care and sex and do not see the higher dimension of the relationship.  Once we discover the higher purpose and the learning hidden in it, relationship changes effortlessly.  
  3. Money when saved and nurtured grows to become wealth and then heritage. Likewise, relationship shall be. As we nurture the relationship with faith in the vision, it unfolds the wisdom and its purpose.  The wealth of wisdom thus becomes blessings, clearing the clouds of karma from lineage and protecting the future generations. 

The Courseware

You are aware of your Lack- Tendency- Pattern. If not, the pre- retreat digital workshop will make you aware. During the retreat, couples will work on their respective lack and how their respective tendencies are damaging the love they have for each other. Tendencies make your partner defensive, and your patterns make you fearful in the relationship. Awareness is the first step towards dissolving stalemate.  

Love exists between the couple but is obscured by ego and belief. There are not more than 5 fundamental issues on which we either learn to isolate ourselves or fight or compromise. Regardless, love perishes, and we suffer. Each couple may have these issues unique to themselves. In this exercise, couples go through their own unique fundamental differences and arrive at the root cause and cure them. It is done with intervention in a group setting, one on one basis or couple intervention. These five fundamental issues are exactly the points which open the door for a higher dimension of the relationship. Discover how you complete each other as a couple. Make a list and bring them in. 

Do you search for soul mate? You are married to one. Discover those 3 areas, where regardless of your level of discontentment with each other, your soul is regularly talking to your partner. That exactly is the reason you are married to your partner. Learn how to listen to the whisper of your soul and discover your hidden intimacy with your partner. 

Your algorithm is taken over by your children. Discover how your children have same or higher chances of suffering, should your patterns continue to play in them. You can reduce and eliminate the probability of their suffering and swiftly influence the course of their journey. Learn how to help children align with their spirit and how to build family bonding with contemporary values.   

The whole objective of living is to feel complete within. There are two natural ways in which we can feel so. Meditation is one way of doing so. Sex is another way where with the help of partner we feel union within and with each other. The most beautiful life is to learn both the methods. Sex is a science of sensuality and not just an act to get rid of excessive compulsive energies. Suffering of couples have reached a biological level where women are not orgasming, and men are facing premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Learn the science of sex and move towards sensuality where your true essence awaits you. 

Structure of the program​

  • 1 week of pre-retreat work with our faculty on creating the algorithm framework of the couple, with 1 learning session with Naveen Sir
  • Physical Retreat for couples only, for 6N7D
  • 1 week’s support work to integrate the learnings from the program, post retreat.

Retreat Schedule:

December 12 to December 18 , 2020 (6N 7D)
  • December 12 will be the day of arrival. Check-in will be followed by settling time and an informal meet-up
  • December 18 will be the day of check-out, post breakfast.

A typical day during the retreat​

  • Early Morning Hours: Meditation and Session with the Founder & Author
  • Post Breakfast: Practical implementation with the faculty members
  • Post lunch: Time out for self-work
  • Gaudhuli: Collective Formal/Informal dialogue & meet-up

The Choice of Destination


The retreat has the mountains calling out to us. The mystery of how Pelling unfolded to be our choice of destination for this retreat shall unfold, as we congregate together.

The pleasant little town of Pelling is famous for magnificent views of the snow-capped Kanchenjunga range. This is as close as you can get to the Kanchenjunga range without leaving the material comfort of good hotels. The Placid town pulls most of the visitors for its representative status in history, nature, and culture of the state of Sikkim.


The Chumbi Mountain Retreat is located in Naku-Chumbhung, a village below Pelling in West Sikkim. It is a unique resort for nature lovers in a natural environment. The resort stands tall with its unique monastic structure, which is an eye catcher for every new visitor. The structure gives the resort a very traditional heritage ambiance. Located only 45 minutes away is the Khando Sangphu cave, alongside the Phurcha Tshu hot water spring, it is one amongst the four important caves in Sikkim.

The resort was also featured in 2018, in the September edition, amongst 15 exotic destination retreats across Asia to suit all your wellness needs


The Fee Structure


Both the partners have graduated from Manthan*



1 of the partners is a graduate from Manthan*



1 or both the partners have graduated from Chetna* or Vedna*

* All the programs being mentioned above refer to the digital versions of the program, having been carried forth on

** The Program Fee

  • As mentioned above is in INR.

  • GST @ 18% is applicable on the above-stated fee amount.

  • The fee, as mentioned denotes the amount per couple.

  • Fee for the program includes payment towards all three components – Pre-program support, Retreat & Post- program home support Program.

  • All three meals and 2 mid-meal tea/ coffee array ae included here.

  • Incidental additional expenses such as laundry, mini bar, room service etc. are not covered in the program fee and would need to managed and settled individually.

  • Traveling expenditure and arrangements are the participants’ own responsibility.

  • The program starts and ends on the scheduled dates.

  • Requests for a change in the finalized schedule will not be accommodated.

The company follows a no-refund policy.

To consult us and learn more, please reach out on 7099050164 to schedule an exclusive session for yourself, on zoom